IGNOU MBA Syllabus and Course Structure

IGNOU MBA Syllabus Structure- Here you will find Revised, Latest and recently updated IGNOU MBA Syllabus Structure with the credit system applied to each subject of IGNOU MBA. In some IGNOU subjects there are 4 credits and in other 8 credits. It will be useful for you to know the credit of all subjects as we know IGNOU follows Credit system. 

On this page you will be introduced to IGNOU MBA Syllabus subjects semester wise and also the name of the chapters of your IGNOU MBA Books which will help you to decide whether you want to appear for that particular subject exam or not. As the chapter name itself says what it has in it  to make you clear about choosing your preference for studying and for Exam. It will also facilitate a student to see the detail syllabus of IGNOU MBA  before taking Admission in IGNOU MBA who is confuse where to go for Admission or to select other course. If you are confuse , here is the list of other Courses of IGNOU Syllabus Structure 2017

IGNOU MBA Syllabus Structure:


Course Code         Course Name               Credits 
 MS-1  Management Functions and Behavior  2
 MS-2  Management of Human Resources  2
 MS-3  Economic and Social Environment  2
 MS-4  Accounting and Finance for Managers  2
 MS-5  Management of Machines and Materials  2
 MS-6  Marketing for Managers  2
 MS-7  Information Systems for Managers  2
 MS-8  Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications  2
 MS-9  Managerial Economics  2
 MS-10  Organizational Design, Development and Change  2
 MS-11  Strategic Management  2
 MS-421  HRM in Financial Sector  2
 MS-422  Bank Financial Management  2
 MS-423  Marketing of Financial Services  2
 MS-424  International Banking Management  2
 MS-425  Electronic Banking and IT in Banks  2
 MS-44  Security Analysis and Portfolio Management  2
 MS-45  International Financial Management  2
 MS-46  Management of Financial Services  2

Course Code        Course Name         Credits
 MS-494  Risk Management  2
 MS-495  Ethics & Corporate Governance  2
 MS-95  Research Methodology for Management Decisions  2
 MS-100  Project Course (Equivalent to two courses)  4

The MBA Programme consists of 21 courses in all.

DIM –consists of 3 compulsory courses i.e. MS-1 to MS-3 and two elective courses to be chosen out of four elective courses (MS-4/5/6 and 7).

• PGDIM Eleven Courses i.e. MS-1 to MS-11

• (PGSDM) Five courses from any one of the 5 specialization streams for PGSDM in that area

• Integrative Module – consists of two compulsory courses (MS-91, MS-95) and one elective course out of any 5 elective courses (MS-92/93/94/96 and 97) and a project course which is equivalent to two courses (Thus making a total of five courses).

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