IGNOU Regional Center Address and Code Numbers

The IGNOU ( Indira Gandhi National Open University ) has established its 2nd IGNOU Regional Center in Tamil Nadu  and now it’s also expanding its services and to coordinate with the Learner Support Centers in the 16 districts including Dindigul, Erode, Coimbatore, Madurai, Karur, Pudukkottai, Ramanathapuram, The Nilgiris, Tiruvarur, Theni, Tiruchirapalli, Sivaganga, Thanjavur, Tirupur, Ariyalur, Virudhunagar. The regional centers are responsible for the Open University system promotion and development, at the same time regional centers consider the maintenance and monitoring of Study Centers, an organization of staff development programs, and Student Support Services in the respective region.

IGNOU Regional Center Address and Code Numbers Detail:

 Usually, the regional Centers are established with cooperation as well as the great support of the respective State Governments. The prospective plan is to offer at least one Regional Centre for every state across the country. Normally, every regional center is defined under Section 2(J) of the IGNOU Act. Most importantly, the regional Centre established by the University for coordinating as well as supervising the work & process of the Study Centers.

IGNOU University is also empowered to confer autonomous status under Section 5(1) (XXII) of the Act, and the regional center can supervise the work of various Study Centers.

The Study Centers of IGNOU and its overall structure of the University designed to offer ultimate comfort to the students. Every regional center offers extensive and efficient student support services, as well as Study Centers, are established under the rules that allow students to take the benefits that completely allow candidates to understand ‘Kit of communication channels that supports for the course. Through this print material mailed to the student. This factor also enables them to interact with academic counselors. In addition to this students also access to modern technology by using audio-visual aids. By the way the study center helps students in independent learning. With the help of this, every candidate lean appropriate forms of educational technologies. Now students can get exact details about the main regional center by visiting official web portal of IGNOU.

IGNOU has established some Recognized Study Centers to offer great support to the student and these centers also run with the support of the government undertakings, even voluntary organizations, and many other institutions also involved in the promotion of advanced open learning system. In fact, IGNOU has great responsibilities as well as potential for the career development in various fields. Totally, these institutes offer around two hundred programs, so candidates have great possibilities to join in any programs of IGNOU.

What do IGNOU Regional Center does for Students:

IGNOU Regional Center considers as the sub-office of the University that can be used for practical purposes. On the other hand, regional centers are also intended to act as resource centers of the University.

IGNOU Regional Center are offer training for a coordinator, counselor as well as other at the same time these centers would provide a venue for the students & the academic advisors to show their responses to a particular subject.  Every regional center has following facilities such as

  • Video cassettes
  • Library course material
  • Computers
  • Audio cassettes
  • TV/VCR
  • Telex/Fax etc

 Additionally, the Study Centre offers a great opportunity to the learners to take benefits of face-to-face interaction with the teachers. With this, the authorities are also organizing counseling sessions based on the schedule prepared by the University. Obviously, the Study Centre offer pre-entry counseling to prospective learners and intensive contact programs for learners in the remote areas.

Besides, the regular weekend counseling process also takes place at Study Centers and practical exposure also provided by the learner. Additionally, interactive teleconferencing and radio counseling took place at the center.

Books available at regional centers at the same time you need to submit assignments compulsory. Even every candidate advised to fill their examination form at regional centre. In some cases, regular classes running for the students at the respective centers. It can be applicable for some courses. Some of the students do attend the courses but it is an open university so it is entirely your discretionary power to attend the courses or not.

Contact Detail of IGNOU Regional Center:

Currently, the university has a network of 3160 Study Centers that includes 612 Regular Study Centers, 22 Recognized Study Centers, 5 Partner Institutions, 3 Sub-Study Centers, 1628 Programme Study Centers, 28 IGNOU-ARMY Study Centers, 796 Special Study Centers for Disadvantaged Groups, 6 Institutional Collaborator Centers, 4 IGNOU-NAVY and 26 Poverty Index Pattern Centers

IGNOU Study Center always providing support to learners, overall it can allow learner to gainfully utilize the learning package. Due to the increasing need, the university recently adapted diversified approach to the Study Centers where A/V Sessions, counseling as well as other academic services are also delivered. Now the old concept of the Study Centre is changed due to the varying needs. Currently, study centers offer different vocational, technological, professional, as well as extension program offered to help the learners.

 Overall, the authorities also provide complete details about all the regional and study centers, so anyone can easily check the detailed information along with its address by visiting the official website.

IGNOU is a distance education university and offers great opportunity to do your favorite courses without any issues. In courses, students need to visit study centers frequently; it is necessary for getting hall tickets for examination. If you do not get around eight percentages of attendance, then you won’t be eligible for submitting projects or synopsis.

IGNOU Regional Center offers a reachable platform to the people who want to take the benefits of open learning system and the experts available to clarify all your doubts related to the subject. Usually the study centers does not provide book, so you have great options to get books from the regional center. For more updates about the regional center you just look at the official web portal. IGNOU updates all the information at their official website. Through this, you can easily get contact details of the regional and study center.

IGNOU and VLCC Institute Jointly Offer Two Programmes Beauty as well as Nutrition and Health Education

IGNOU and VLCC Institute today signed an Memorandum of Understanding  (MoU) to jointly offer two programmes in the area of Beauty as well as  Nutrition &  Health Education . These include Certificate Programme in Cosmetology and Diploma in Health & Nutrition in Face to Face mode .

IGNOU and VLCC Institute Programmes Detail:

The Diploma in Health & Nutrition has been developed by  IGNOU  and delivered by  VLCC . VLC C will develop the materials for the  Certificate in Cosmetology and this programmes will be jointly offered by VLCC and IGNOU.

Student Handbook and Prospectus prepared by IGNOU will be used for admission purposes in addition to VLCC Prospectus.VLCC will carry out  admissions  with IGNOU nominee on its admission committee.

Under the MoU, VLCC  shall  provide the resources, in terms of qualified, experienced faculty and infrastructural facilities to the students for the Diploma in Health & Nutrition. In addition to this, the teaching and practicals of the programmes  will be the  responsibility of VLCC.

IGNOU will offer the programme curriculum to  the learners enrolled with VLCC.It would also be responsible for the delivery of course materials of the proposed programmes under the MoU, for distribution among the students of the programme. Its other responsibilities include holding  the term-end exam, issue the certificates and  issue the mark sheet carrying joint logo of IGNOU and VLCC . The University would also  carry out the course evaluation as per the norms laid down for the programme. For the  Certificate in Cosmetology, VLCC will conduct the programme in the face –to-face mode from the VLCC campus, whereas IGNOU will supervise the evaluation and assessment carried out by VLCC.

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