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IGNOU BGGCT 1st-year complete syllabus

Geography 1st-year complete syllabus

Ignou provided Bscg 1st year syllabus for BSCG students. Here we provide you complete Syllabus for Geography (BGGCT). You can download these syllabi in pdf.

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   Geography Complete 1st Year   Download PDF

1. BGGCT-131

Physical geography
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Physical geography is one of the two major branches of systematic geography. It consists of the four main spheres of the earth i.e., lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. Physical geographers study the nature of natural phenomena and processes operating in these spheres. This course would enable the learners to observe spatial variations and similarities in natural phenomenon and reasons for these, and the consequences thereof, in relation to human beings.

Section 1: Geo-Tectonics: Origin of Earth, Earth- A Living Planet, The Interior of the Earth:

Structure and Composition, Concept of Isostasy.

Section 2: Lithosphere: Materials of the Earth’s Crust: Rocks and Minerals, Continental Drift, Mountain Building and Plate Tectonics, Endogenetic Forces and Exogenetic Processes.

Section 3: Atmosphere: Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere, Insolation and Atmospheric Temperature, Global Distribution of Surface Pressure Systems and Winds, Humidity and Precipitation, Climatic Classification of Koeppen.

Section 4: Hydrosphere: Introduction to Hydrosphere, Ocean Floor and Relief Features, Distribution of Temperature and Salinity in the Oceans, Tides and Currents, Ocean Deposits.

2. BGGCT-132

Human geography
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Human geography is one of the two main branches of geography. Physical geography is the other main branch. The basic philosophy of introducing human geography is to make learners aware about spatial differentiation and organization of human activities and interrelationship with earth and its environment.

Section 1: Human Geography Fundamentals: Nature and Scope of Human Geography, Concepts in Human Geography, Perspectives on Human-Environment Relationships, Human Adaptation to the Environment.

Section 2: Space and Society:Peopling and Racial Elements, Religion and Beliefs, Languages, Cultural Regions.

Section 3: Population: Population Distribution and Growth, Population Composition, Human Migration, Population and Resources.

Section 4: Human Settlements:Human Settlements, Rural Settlements, Urban Settlements, Urbanisation.

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