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{Syllabus} IGNOU BSCG 1st year syllabus 2021

 IGNOU BSCG 1st year 

 Course Complete 

 Syllabus 2020 

Students can find the latest BSCG 1st-year syllabus for their upcoming TEE examination for the session 2019-20. Students can download a complete course code wise syllabus for their respective subjects. You can simply download Bscg 1st year all subject syllabus in detail. Here is your syllabi for all subjects:-

1. Environmental studies (BEVAE)

BSCG 1st-year Environmental studies (BEVAE) syllabi:-

  Course Code   Course Title   Syllabus  
  BEVAE-181     Environment Studies    Click here  

2. English (BEGAE)

BSCG 1st-year English (BEGAE) syllabi:-

 CourseCode  Course TitleSyllabus  
BEGAE-182   English Communication Skills  Click here  

3. Hindi (BHDAE)

BSCG 1st-year Hindi (BHDAE) syllabi:-

  Course Code  Course Title  Syllabus  
  BHDAE 182   हिंदी भाषा और संप्रेषन    Click here  

4. Physics (BPHCT)

BSCG 1st-year Physics (BPHCT) syllabi:-

 CourseCode  Course Title Syllabus     
BPHCT-131MechanicsClick here
BPHCL-132Mechanics: LaboratoryClick here
BPHCT-133Electricity and MagnetismClick here
BPHCL-134Electricity and Magnetism: Laboratory Click here

5. Chemistry (BCHCT)

BSCG 1st-year Chemistry (BCHCT) syllabi:-

Course Title
Atomic Structure, Bonding, General
Organic Chemistry and Aliphatic
Atomic Structure, Bonding, General Organic Chemistry and Aliphatic Hydrocarbons : Laboratory 
Chemical Energetics, Equilibria and Functional Group Organic Chemistry-I 
Chemical Energetics, Equilibria and Functional Group Organic Chemistry-I : Laboratory 

6. Mathematics (BMTC)

BSCG 1st-year Mathematics (BMTC) syllabi:-

 Course Code  Course Title  Syllabus   
BMTC-131 CalculusClick here
BMTC-132 Differential Equations Click here

7. Zoology (BZYCT)

BSCG 1st-year Zoology (BZYCT) syllabi:-

 CourseCode  Course Title Syllabus  
BZYCT-131Animal Diversity Click here
BZYCL-132Animal Diversity: LaboratoryClick here
BZYCT-133Comparative Anatomy and Developmental Biology of Vertebrates Click here
BZYCL-134Comparative Anatomy and Developmental Biology of Vertebrates: Laboratory Click here

8. Botany (BBYCT)

BSCG 1st-year Botany (BBYCT) syllabi:-

 CourseCode  Course Title Syllabus  
BBYCT-131Biodiversity (Microbes, Algae, Fungi and Archegoniates)Click here
BBYCL-132Biodiversity (Microbes, Algae, Fungi and
Archegoniates): Laboratory
Click here
BBYCT-133Plant Ecology and TaxonomyClick here
BBYCL-134Plant Ecology and Taxonomy: Laboratory Click here

9. Geology (BGYCT)

BSCG 1st-year Geology (BGYCT) syllabi:-

 CourseCode  Course Title Syllabus  
BGYCT-131 Physical and Structural GeologyClick here
BGYCT-132 Physical and Structural Geology: Laboratory Click here

10. Geography (BGGCT)

BSCG 1st-year Geography (BGGCT) syllabi:-

 Course Code  Course Title Syllabus  
BGGCT-131 Physical GeographyClick here
BGGCT-132 Human Geography Click here

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