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[Syllabus] IGNOU CMAD Course Syllabus 2020 - Mobile App Development

 [Syllabus] IGNOU CMAD Course Syllabus 2020 - Mobile App Development Recently Ignou Certificate Programme in Mobile Application Development (CMAD) through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode and syllabus is available here, more about the course see this post ignou cmad course

IGNOU CMAD Course Syllabus 2020

Credit System for IGNOU CMAD Course

[Syllabus] IGNOU CMAD Course Syllabus 2020 - Mobile App Development

Syllabus for IGNOU CMAD Course

Course Title (BCS-091): Introduction to Mobile Architecture

Introduction to Mobile Applications, Components of a Mobile Application, Basics of Mobile Application

Design, Introduction to Mobile Operating Systems, Basics of Android, Basics of Ios, Basics of Windows

Mobile, Mobile Processors, Memory, Sensors, I/O, Native Development Tools, Cross Platform

Development Tools, Publishing Tools and Developer Program, Monetization, etc.

Course Title (BCS-092) : Introduction to Databases

Introduction to Database Systems, Database History, Data Modelling, Entity Relationship Model,

Integrity Rules and Constraints, Relational Database Design and Redundancy, Functional Dependencies,

Normalization, SQL, DDL , DML, Join Statements, Introduction to SDLC, etc.

Course Title (BCS-093): Introduction to Android

Introduction, History, Features, Categories of Android applications, Architecture, Android application

fundamentals, Android development platforms, Configuring Android Development Environment, Basic

Android APP components, Additional components, Android Manifest, Android Development, Device

Compatibility, Device features, Platform versions, Screen configuration, UI design, Creating GUI for

Android Application, Design of UI with Layout Editor, Managing Touch Events in a ViewGroup, Setting

up testing environment and testing an Android Application, Debugging, Logcat, Integrating Multimedia

into Android Application development (AAD), Camera functions in AAD, Saving Data on Android

Devices, Android sensor framework, Making an APP Location-Aware, Connecting devices wirelessly,

Performing network operations, Publishing an Android APP, Performance profiling of an Android APP,

Security concerns, etc.

Course Title (BCS-094) : Programming using Python

Basic Programming Concept, Features of Python, Variables, Expressions and Statements, Data types,

Comments, Debugging, Control structures, Arrays, Linked Lists , Queues, , Functions, Strings, Methods,

Classes, Operator Overloading, Inheritance, Data Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Exception Handling,

Software Testing, Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, Profilers, Introduction to SQLite, SQL CRUD

statements, Role of Python in Mobile Application Development, Open Source Python Libraries,

Introduction to Kivy, Kivy Buidozer, Packaging, Kivy Launcher, Kivy Android Virtual Machine, GUI

development, Tkinter, Creating GUI for Python with Tkinter and wxPython, Development examples

using Kivy, etc.

Course Title (BCSL-091) 

 Laboratory Course (Includes practicals of following courses:

Introduction to Databases, Introduction to Android, Programming using Python)

Practical Counseling sessions in Databases, Android and Python

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