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The most significant feature of this university is the variety of choices that are available to the people to opt for their desired subjects and degre
The most significant feature of this university is the variety of choices that are available to the people to opt for their desired subjects and degrees and the reach it has made to the people, in fact is amazing! Thus, it is been a ladder in people’s career and education, the only thing required is the desire to learn, the rest is covered in the education system of IGNOU Online University. It offers numerous cadres of degrees, doctorate, masters and bachelor degree programs, diploma programs offered under both bachelor and masters level, and certificate courses too. It renders the education services to people via its plenty of schools, such as:

School of Education (SOE)

Under this category, the IGNOU offers dynamic combination of both academic subjects knowledge and professional practices with an objective of catering to the educational standards in the groups, adult education, educational technology, and educational management and offers a wide range of degrees, namely doctor of philosophy, diploma in primary education, bachelor degree program in education, and many more…

School of Engineering & Technology (SOET)

The ultimate aim of this program of IGNOU is to render the educational features to employed people who in turn ought to continue education, and also especially to the weaker economic zones and backward divisions in the country. 

This program does offer the doctor of philosophy degree in the civil, and mechanical engineering cadres, diploma degree program in mechanical engineering, and plenty of certificate programs in the categories of shoe cutting, shoe stitching, leather goods making, etc… and non-credit programs too.

School of Continuing Education (SOCE)

This school is been designed to satisfy the educational requirements of four significant categories, rural development, nutritional sciences, child development, and home science. It offers post graduate, certificate programs, diploma, and master degrees too. 

The child development program specifically comprises of well trained staffs in the disciplines, psychology, anthropology, sociology, pediatrics, etc… It also offers PhD in child development and certificate programs in the childhood special education cadre and many more diploma and master degree programs.

Likewise there are plenty of schools, like Schools Computer and Information Sciences, School of Health Sciences, School of Management Studies, School of Tourism and Hospitality Service, and many more accounting to a total of 21 in other words, 10 fingers wouldn’t be enough to count the choices of degrees and subjects options that are available with IGNOU. 

Moreover, the university has accomplished more than 1300 study centers, 43 regional centers, special study centers to SCs/STs, minorities, and other backward groups of people who are not provided with a basic educational opportunity. It has also entered into multiple alliances and educational partnerships with several international countries, UK, Oman, Australia, France, United Arab Emirates, and Ethiopia…with the help of international organizations like UNESCO, WHO, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and World Wide Fund.

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