Absent in IGNOU Exam- How to Appear Again in Next Session

Absent in IGNOU Exam- How to Appear Again in Next Session: If you are absent in any of IGNOU Exam you will be considered ‘Failed’ in your IGNOU Grade Card Status. Hence it doesn’t use the word “Fail”. Instead, IGNOU Grade Card uses “Incomplete”.Then you need to attain again in that particular IGNOU Subject exam and have to pay fees for each failed subjects and write the exam in the next semester. Anytime you are eligible to attend it next semester.




What to do if you were Absent in IGNOU Exam:

You have to re-register yourself for IGNOU Exam by March or as per the notice online for TEE for the missed paper and can present in next session for IGNOU TEE Exam.

IGNOU Students are of course eligible to appear for Term end exams in the next exam session but if you had submitted your assignments before. If not, you will have to submit them to be eligible for appearing TEE. In case you had submitted your assignments before, you don’t need to submit them again if you have passed in those assignments.

If you are sure you are not going to appear in 1 subjects because of some unavoidable reason You may skip a particular subject if you are not prepared for it. No need to enter all the subjects in the form.

If a student fails in IGNOU Final result for a paper; then he has to reappear in the said paper in the future TEE (need not to be the immediate TEE). If the student has not failed in Assignment, then he/she DOES NOT have to resubmit the Assignment. IGNOU Assignment once submitted and Passed (or completed) are valid for entire programme duration (For instance for IGNOU MBA, the maximum period to pass the MBA is 8 years).

Ankita Roy

Ankita Roy

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