Are IGNOU Exams Similar To Other Universities ?

Are IGNOU Exams Similar To Other Universities? As per some experienceit will be harder than many universities.  Ignou’s standard is far better than that of any other correspondence course. They provide very good study material. From my experience (I had done my MCA) I had to go through all the material to be confident enough to clear my exam.

Other open universities like Sikkim Manipal University have objective type exam but IGNOU  exam was of subjective type. Delhi university’s exam it was enough to go through previous year exam questions but this does not work for IGNOU Exam.

You do get previous year question papers online at ignou4u website. My advice is to go through the IGNOU Study material thoroughly. They can ask a question from the smallest of sentence present in the study material. Marking system doesn’t expect to take 80 90 per cent. If you get around 60%  in IGNOU Exam you are doing great. If you fail in your first attempt don’t feel bad just prepare again.

This is embarrassing but still, I cleared only 1 exam in my first 3 semesters. I was feeling very low then I made some friends who had done BCA from ignou got admission for MCA without clearing BCA. They told me this is how it goes here that gave me confidence and then I was able to complete my course in 4 years.

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