Chance to Continue Discontinued IGNOU Courses 2019

IGNOU University has decided to provide two extra chances for an appearance in TEE exam to IGNOU students who were enrolled in any of the 3 IGNOU Courses that have been discontinued by the IGNOU University. The decision will benefit students who would have faced difficulty in case they were unable to clear their final IGNOU December 2018 & June 2019 Exams.

IGNOU will conduct the two extra chance Term End Examinations (TEE) in December 2018 and June 2019 for the students of all three discontinued face to face IGNOU Courses of School of Journalism and New Media studies who could not complete their programmes successfully within their maximum registration period.discontinued

The students of MAEMPM, MAJMC and BAAVFX courses who had registered for all the courses of these programmes but have not been able to complete these programmes successfully within the maximum registration period can fill the examination form for term end examinations in December 2018 and June 2019 to complete their pending courses.

IGNOU Students must note that this is only a one-time measure and the University will not provide any further opportunities for students to clear the examination. Hence, students must make sure to clear their examinations during the next two-term end examinations. After that IGNOU is not responsible for Discontinued its Courses for any particular student.

IGNOU Launched – ‘IGNOU-E-Content’ Mobile App

IGNOU has Launched its e-Content’ Mobile App for students to provide Digital Learning Environment to IGNOU learners and extending Technology Enhanced Learner Support Services to them. The aim of this initiative is to disseminate the digitised course material to IGNOU Learners.
IGNOU-e-Content App is a one-stop solution for all the IGNOU learners to access their course study material through their handheld devices such as Mobile Phones and Tablets. This app will cater around 30 million IGNOU learners to access the course material at any time anywhere at their fingertips. 
IGNOU-e-Content provides downloadable IGNOU course material to its learners at various the levels such as Certificate, Diploma, PG Certificate/ Diploma, Bachelors’ and Masters Degree programmes. Once the course material is downloaded in learners’ mobile device they can access it on the anytime-anywhere basis.
Here is IGNOU-e-Content Mobile App Review by IGNOU Students:
IGNOU Rewiew
Ahmed Jamil Syed
I like the application for sure but the problem is we don’t get the same speed of internet every time. So there should be an option to download the material. That would be great if the team add a download option. So when we are out of internet the downloaded content become very useful.
 Sanjeet Kushwaha
I’m Not Satisfied this App, Because of this app required internet connection Every time, Should be this app works also on offline mode but that is not. And some poor candidates don’t offer internet facilities anytime. So we can also download the PDF to preparing for an examination.
Akash Insane
A good initiative by ignou to provide study material in this digital form. Students now cannot rely upon the paper books coming via post, one can now just read the course material in the phone itself anywhere. Superb.
Hari Pillai
Not of much use! PDF format is already available which you can use in offline mode too, besides for my course all the papers weren’t available and only block 1 of each subject. IGNOU should instead emphasize on delivering books directly from the study centre or regional centre, as simple as that !!


IGNOU Exam Centre List Address and Code December 2018

IGNOU Exam Centre List Address and Code 2018: IGNOU has allotted many numbers of exam centre in all states and cities of India for all its IGNOU Students. There are many students enrolling in IGNOU University at every year so obviously, there is a lot exam centre to attend their exam.

IGNOU Exam Center List Address and Code

Students can prefer the nearest exam centre which is convenient for them to appear in the exam without any issue. Your selected exam centre will be allotted to you for attending your examination of all courses. If your selected exam centre is not active then you will be allotted the other nearest centre for your exam.

You can find exact exam centre code from Below list to attend your examination. Below is the source data of Examination centre with IGNOU centre number, Exam city names, With detail ADD1 ADD2 ADD3, District also mentioned in the list and also States with pin code numbers. IGNOU has covered more than 650 Exam centre list in below list  with all detail information of address and pin code and exam centre numbers 

  •  to be selected separately from the list appearing on the screen for filling the Exam form.
  • After successful submission of Examination Form, you will receive an acknowledgement with Control Number on the screen. Please retain the auto-generated Control Number for your reference and record. For checking Examination Form status please visit SEARCH OPTION after 72 hours of submitting the Form. Details regarding examination form submission are not available, you may submit the form again only after following the due procedure as listed above.

IGNOU Examination Fee and Mode of Payment December 2018

Examination Fee Payment Mode
@ 120 per course theory @ 120 per course practical Credit Card / Debit Card /Net Banking

In case, examination fee needs to be returned to student due to technical reasons, the fee will be refunded to the same account (Credit card/ Debit card/ Net Banking) from which the payment was made.

IGNOU Exam Centre List Address and Code for December 2018 team wish all IGNOU Students BEST OF LUCK and hope you all do your best in Exam. Below is the link to take the address of your nearer IGNOU Exam Centre.

IGNOU Exam Centre Address and Code List 2018 

Dates for the Submission of Online  Examination Form for December 2018:

24th September 2018 to 31st October 2018 - Without late fee
1st November 2018 to 10th November 2018 - With late fee of Rs.1000/-

IGNOU Students have the choice to select their preferred or nearest exam centre which is convenient for them to appear in the exam without any issue. IGNOU Students have to enter that exam centre code while filling your IGNOU Exam Form online as well as offline. Your selected exam centre will be allotted to you to attending your exam of all courses. If your selected exam centre is not active then you will be allotted other nearest centre for your exam. Generally, the IGNOU Study Centre is the exam centre. IGNOU Students have to note that Change of Exam Centre, once allotted is not permissible under any circumstances.