Flexilearn Provides Free and Easy Access to IGNOU’s Courses

Flexilearn integrates free learning resources with learning management systems for anyone who wants to learn, whatever their educational needs and experience. The platform provides an alternate way of awarding degrees and diplomas. The student can pay the fee later and get a Certificate.FlexiLearn offers courses in a completely open and flexible environment with a number of unique features, like, a visitor to the FlexiLearn site has the option to register for any particular course or for a full length programme. A modular approach is followed wherein a learner can combine course credits to obtain a degree or diploma of their choice.
In addition, the platform provides a self-learning environment with a list of Academic Advisors/ Course guides to act as mentors. The Personal Learning Environment (PLE) will also have interactive tools like Discussion Boards, Websites, Wikis, podcasting, RSS Feeds etc. Each course also has the option for both online as well as offline assessment, as per the choice of the learner, who can take exams ‘on demand’.

A complete tracking mechanism is integrated into the FlexiLearn platform through e-portfolios of individual learners. The E-portfolio will keep a formal record of all formal and informal studies carried out by the registered learner.Certification of the courses will be based on stipulated time spent on a course and completion of all learning activities identified by the faculty.The FlexiLearn platform provides an opportunity for prospective learners to sample a course before enrolling and also help them in choosing courses and programmes of study. Course-wise registration facilities will also offer topic specific continuing education programmes.
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