How Is The Progress Of A IGNOU Student Monitored

How Is The Progress Of A IGNOU Student Monitored?

The Progress of the research student shall be monitored by the supervisor(s). However, generating the six monthly progress reports on the prescribed her/his progress report to the supervisor for placing the same before the Doctoral Committee. The recommendation of the Doctoral Committee will be placed before the School Board. The minutes of the Doctoral Committee and that of the School Board will be forwarded by the Director of the School for placing before the RCSC/RC. 

In case of unsatisfactory progress over a time period of one year and/or non-submission of timely report/IGNOU Fees, the University reserves the right to cancel the IGNOU Registration under Clauses 3.6 of the Ordinance.
What Is The Constitution Of The IGNOU Doctoral Committee?

i) Director of the School – Chairperson
ii) Faculty of the Discipline concerned – Member
iii) At least one External Expert from a – Member
Panel recommended by the School
Board and approved by the Vice
iv) IGNOU Programme Coordinator of Ph.D – Convener

If the proposal is cleared by the initial scrutiny, or resubmitted by the candidate after incorporating the suggestions as mentioned above, it is then sent to an expert member of the Doctoral Committee for examination. The proposal along with the comments of the expert is then placed before the PhD Doctoral Committee for its examination and recommendations.
The Doctoral Committee may ask a candidate to make proposal presentation before the Doctoral Committee, if it feels so. The recommendations of the Doctoral Committee are then placed before the School Board and subsequently before the Research Council.

However, the Doctoral Committee may exempt a candidate from taking the Research methodology course, if they feel so.

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