How to Apply for IGNOU M. Ed Entrance Exam

IGNOU M.Ed Entrance Exam Procedure: IGNOU is a reputed studying institute that has got a number of courses for the students to study. An important one is the M. Ed course. The course is becoming important for those who want to be teachers. The study is restricted by an entrance exam. So, there is a need to pass the entrance exam meant for the M. Ed course. The IGNOU M. Ed course is of course a special one which has got certain number of seats and criteria that are followed strictly. Since the criteria are there, not everyone can apply for the M. Ed course in IGNOU. The M .Ed is basically a full time two years course, but IGNOU offers special 4 year- course for distance educational studies. The M. Ed courses are available on a global curriculum helping to make educationalists and teachers who can teach on a global teaching base. The help is immense and thereby the course variations are maintained such that the students can get the maximum benefit.

The program for M. Ed is offered to all without any age restriction. Every graduate can apply for the M. Ed course but there are things that need to be kept in mind.
a)      People with B. Ed degree can only apply for the M. Ed entrance exam. There is certain percentage of marks that is fixed as the basic marks for the exams to be given. The applications are short listed on the basis of the marks obtained in B. Ed.
b)      Sometimes IGNOU may ask for work experience with teaching line particularly in NCERT approved schools.
c)      The courses are offered on a national base and thus there are seats reserved for SC, ST and OBC.

The criteria if matched one can apply for the M. Ed entranced exam. There are details available for the IGNOU Admissions from IGNOU office which can be collected by sending IPO of Rs. 550 to IGNOU office in New Delhi. On the basis of criteria matching one can download forms of entrance exam and fill it online and submit with IPO of Rs. 500 in favour of IGNOU payable at New Delhi. Admit cards will be available on the website to download or sent to address given for the entrance exam.

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