How to do IGNOU MBA Project ?

How to do IGNOU MBA Project ? : It is compulsory for every student of IGNOU University to complete their project work to take their degree. This applies for every course taken at the university, and it is strictly followed even for the students pursuing a MBA degree.It’s a great challenge when it comes to completing projects in time.
As most of the MBS students work professionally, they lack time and guidance to complete the synopsis, dissertation and projects concerning their course. The students can plan to do their project work after registering for their course at IGNOU. The project can be done in any functional area of the course. For example, areas like sales and marketing, operations, human resource management, financial services, tourism and hospitality can be taken up to do project work.

 IGNOU MBA Project Report Guidelines :

There are times when the MBA students do not know, How to do IGNOU MBA Project ?. There is lots of guidance provided online to write their project report. Sometimes, a project handled by a student may be of great value, but the person will not be aware on how to start the project report. Preparing the project report and delivering the project  that was done in a neat and an understandable manner is all that is required for standing out in the crowd.
The main objective of project work for MBA students is to help the students develop their multi-disciplinary capabilities, tools, concepts and techniques that will be necessary to solve problems in an organization. The IGNOU MBA project at IGNOU involves three types of paper work, which includes case study, inter organizational study and ld study.

How to Write  IGNOU MBA Project  (MS-100 Help)

When the project proposal or the synopsis is done, it has to clearly state the objectives of the project and the research methodology that was involved in carrying out the work. It should contain full details of the sampling, rationale and instruments that were used for the project work. The length of the report should be about 50 to 60 pages with double spaced, and the words should not exceed more than 18000. 
However, a variation of 10% is allowed. The report should have the signature of the student and the supervisor. Finally, the report needs to be submitted to the Registrar of the IGNOU University.

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