How to do M.Phil/Ph.D From IGNOU

 How to do M.Phil/Ph.D From IGNOU – Distance Learning ,How to do M.Phil/Ph.D From Distance Learning ,How to do M.Phil/Ph.D From Open University ? Here is the solution to your question.
When you first aspire to do your Ph.D or M.Phil through IGNOU you should log on to the IGNOU website at The Home Page opens and you get the link Research Degree Programmes there. Here you will find detailed information on the Research Degree Programmes of IGNOU viz., M.Phil and IGNOU Ph.D. Courses

You would do well to carefully read and even download this information and choose your area of research based on this information.

How to do M.Phil/Ph.D From IGNOU – What Are The Durations ?

The maximum durations of the IGNOU Ph.D Programme and the M.Phil Programme are 5 years and 4 years respectively.
How to do M.Phil/Ph.D From IGNOU- Who Is Eligible To Guide Research in IGNOU?

All Research Supervisors approved by IGNOU in accordance with the Ordinance on Research Degree IGNOU Programmes can guide research students.

The Research Unit has also activated the IGNOU-Research Fellowship scheme under which 100 fellowships @ Rs.5000 per month are to be awarded to researchers working on full-time basis at IGNOU. Students are selected for the Award of Fellowship under this Scheme through rigorous criteria.

The Research Unit has also formulated consolidated Guidelines for Ph.D. program and for M.Phil. program covering aspects related to admission, course work, research supervision and evaluation procedures. To enhance and ensure greater participation in the open defense of the thesis submitted by a scholar, a notional communication is being facilitated by the Research Unit.

The IGNOU Ph.D Programme Fee is Rs. 7,000/- per annum for 2 years. M.Phil candidates are to pay one-time fee of Rs. 10,500/- which is inclusive of the Course Fee. Individual Disciplines may assign course work for Ph.D candidates for which additional fee may be charged.


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