How To Manage Study in IGNOU

How To Manage Study in IGNOU: IGNOU is best for the people who are busy in earning but are also eager to educate themselves meanwhile.This is not easy but it could be manageable as diligence never goes unrewarded. There are many ignou students who has successfully completed IGNOU study and are working on good position in many companies along with their professional life.

How To Manage Study in IGNOU Discussion:

To be Successful in IGNOU you need lots of dedication and great time management. Around 80% students are working while learning in IGNOU so if u wanna be one of them u jus hv to follow some useful guide lines.  First you need to divide your time as per your lifestyle, Basically we all are indulge in three parts of life.
1.Professional Life
2.Student Life
3. Personal Life

First of all we are going to discuss on Professional Life :
When a person is working it is really worthily as it makes him Independent and also make him handle his expenses smoothly from his own source !! Normally we spend our most of time at our work place. As per our daily routine we get 16 hrs per day and if we are spending 8 hour on work place now we are left with 8 hours to spend on other two life. In professional life one cannot take any risk he/she has to give full devotion. so no adjustment with professional life, let it b superior !!!!

Discussion on Student Life and Personal Life:
Now its time to distribute remaining 8 hour in your personal life and student life. It is really easy to take good marks if you spend 4 hours per day on your study. Now remaining 4 hrs is all yours, Its your personal life so I am not gonna suggest how to spend that 4 hours but will definitely help you how to dedicate those 4 hrs on your study..

Well you can start from your class’s time table. As per I know IGNOU students have 2 to 3 classes in week so it is easy to have 2 hour class and 2 hour study daily. Before you begin further you must have a small look on some matters which can help you to take your plan work.

1. You should have overview of your entire syllabus.

2. You should go first for the subject which is interesting for u .
3. Always start with first book for better understanding as it contain basic of particular subject.

So let’s start with hope that you had a look at your syllabus as well as on your books.

You can start from any book but I would like to suggest you to start with first book. Normally in IGNOU there are four parts in book we call it four points.

1. Search hard English word with fast reading.
2. Make underline of that keywords
3. Take out all that keyword and make note of it.
4. Search that keyword in dictionary and get right and appropriate meaning for it and write down that meaning in front of that keyword.
5. Start your reading again with hand on this note.
6. After read all one time try to find some important point out of it.
7. Point will help you to make it suitable to describe and this habit will help you to take fast remembering
8. Again read once that same topic according to point which you have made out of it and with mind that you will goanna write about it.
9. Understand that point will fasten your speed to achieve all topics’ meaning and you will be able to write yourself on any topic.
10. And at the end of all this, revise all your exercises again and make schedule to revise it next day Don’t forget revising is must !!

This way you can complete your first point without creating any hesitation and any ambiguity. The same way you can apply on other books and same way you can complete your entire subject with better understanding compare to simply reading.

How To Manage Study in IGNOU Problem and its solution:

While doing study work u may get difficulty on some topics, don’t discourage yourself because nothing is impossible u just need to say yourself “I can do it “..!!
Make a note of those topics which you are not able to understand. Try to solve that topic with the help of faculty provided by college in class time OR else try to discuss it with your fellow student OR try to take reference book from library OR last n best option is mail us will try to sort out.

I will request all of u to show your study style everybody including me so can get some other idea to make our study process much easier. Share your ideas with IGNOU4U you can email us at or you can comment here with your name and email.

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