IGNOU Acting Dance and Music Courses 2019

IGNOU Acting Dance and Music Courses 2019: IGNOU invites applications from interested candidates for Certificate in Performing Arts- Theatre Arts (CPATHA), Certificate in Performing Arts- Hindustani Music (CPAHM), Certificate in Performing Arts-Karnatak Music (IGNOU CPAKM), Certificate in Performing Arts- Bharatnatyam (IGNOU CPABN) and Certificate in Performing Arts- Kathak (CPAKT) 

IGNOU Acting, Dance and Music Courses Detail Information:

IGNOU Acting, Dance and Music Courses are offered minimum for one year and can be completed in a maximum three years through distance mode for Rs.12,000 each. However, they also have practical components with them. A learner has to be at least 10thpass to be eligible to apply for these programmes. The CPATHA programme aims to provide a basic introduction to the art of theatre to the learners.

This course offers both theoretical and practical inputs to students. The objective of this programme is to introduce the art of theatre to the learners, provide basic training in theatre and provide theatre appreciation to the enthusiasts. The practical components of the programme include voice and speech, physical aspects of acting and method acting-Stanislavsky.

The CPAHM programme enables the learner to receive the basic knowledge of theory and practical aspects of Hindustani music. This will also enable the learner to realize that music is one in our country. After passing through changes it converted into two distinct types of music- Hindustani and Karnataka.


The practical component of the programme includes Hindustani music performance in three parts. The CPAKM programme is aimed at providing a holistic and integrated approach towards various Indian Art forms i.e. music, dance, theatre and visual art to the learners.


The practical component of this programme consists of Karnatak music performance in three parts. The CPABN and CPAKT programmes offer training in the basics of Bharatnatyam and Kathak respectively. They provide a holistic and integrated approach to Indian performing arts through theory courses with 70%- 30% weight for practical and theory.

These two are innovative programmes from IGNOU which combine the strength of both the University and it is studying centres which are reputed Bharatanatyam and Kathak dance schools located across the country. The practical component of CPABN comprises Bharatanatyam in two parts along with music and talas and CPAKT comprises Kathak in two parts and music and talas. 


The last date to apply for all these programmes is July 30, without late fee and  August 14, with late fee of Rs.200. Student handbook prospectus is available in all the regional centres of the university as well as in the university’s headquarters which can be purchased for Rs.100and submitted along with the requisite fee in the form of a demand draft to the concerned regional centre.

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