IGNOU Application Form for “Student Innovation Award 2018”

Download IGNOU Application Form for “Student Innovation Award 2018″- IGNOU has launched this event to promote the culture of innovation and to nurture the innovators in the field of Innovation. IGNOU has found in the last few years, that some students have developed good innovative products and want more such innovator students to show their skills, Keeping this in view, IGNOU has initiated a scheme for identifying and awarding the innovator students of IGNOU every year”.


Interested Students can fill and send IGNOU Application Form for “Student Innovation Award 2018” along with the Question and supporting documents on the following address.

1. Title of Innovation :
2. Field of Innovation :Social/Environment/Education/Agriculture/Health/Science/Any other
3. Category of your Innovation: Product/Process/Service/Idea/Any other
4. The brief summary of the Innovation (Maximum 100 words)
5. Innovative features of your Innovation
6. Application/Utility of your innovation
7. Is your Innovation in use? If so, please mention where it is being used?
8. Cost-effectiveness of your Innovation
9. How can your Innovation be commercialized?

National Centre for Innovation in Distance Education (NCIDE)
Zakir Hussain Bhawan (G Block), New Academic Complex
IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110 068
Email: ncide@ignou.ac.in

The last date for submitting the IGNOU Application Form is September 30, 2018. For more information contact the coordinator Dr Oum Prakash Sharma,

E-mail opsharma@ignou.ac.in

Phone +91-11-29573069.

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