IGNOU Assignments December 2017

Download IGNOU Assignments December 2017 of all IGNOU Courses. Those who are interested to get some extra marks and practice the syllabus, Assignments can  be best tool to perform in IGNOU University. below is all possible IGNOU Courses list which you can explore to download IGNOU Assignments December 2017 . we request you to please let us know if we are missing any of courses you know. write comment at the end of page or send email us at ignou4u@gmail.com.
 IGNOU Assignments

IGNOU Assignments December 2017

IGNOU MBA Assignments IGNOU PGDDHM Assignments IGNOU CVAP Assignments IGNOU CCR Assignments
IGNOU MCA Assignments IGNOU PGDIPR Assignments IGNOU CVAA Assignments IGNOU CTS Assignments
IGNOU MTM Assignments IGNOU DECE Assignments IGNOU CVAS Assignments IGNOU CFN Assignments
IGNOU MEG Assignments IGNOU DNHE Assignments IGNOU CPAHM Assignments IGNOU CNCC Assignments
IGNOU MSW Assignments IGNOU DTS Assignments IGNOU CPAKM Assignments IGNOU CRD Assignments
IGNOU MAEDS Assignments IGNOU PGDIBO Assignments IGNOU CPABN Assignments IGNOU CFS Assignments
IGNOU MADE Assignments IGNOU PGDESD Assignments IGNOU CPAMT Assignments IGNOU CIS Assignments
IGNOU MLIS Assignments IGNOU PGDAC Assignments IGNOU CPAOS Assignments IGNOU PGCAP Assignments
IGNOU BTS Assignments IGNOU DAQ Assignments IGNOU CPAKT Assignments IGNOU COF Assignments
IGNOU BSW Assignments IGNOU PGJMC Assignments IGNOU CPAKK Assignments IGNOU CWHM Assignments
IGNOU BCA Assignments IGNOU PGDAPP Assignments IGNOU CPAMP Assignments IGNOU CPF Assignments
IGNOU BBA Assignments IGNOU PGDET Assignments IGNOU CPAKP Assignments IGNOU CIB Assignments
IGNOU BTCM Assignments IGNOU PGDSLM Assignments IGNOU CDM Assignments IGNOU PGCEDS Assignments
IGNOU BLIS Assignments IGNOU PGDEMA Assignments IGNOU CES Assignments IGNOU PGCCL Assignments
IGNOU PGDFSQM Assignments IGNOU PGDHE Assignments IGNOU CNM Assignments IGNOU PGCAE Assignments
IGNOU PGDPM Assignments IGNOU PGDHEM Assignments IGNOU CBS Assignments IGNOU PGCPP Assignments
IGNOU DDT Assignments IGNOU DCE Assignments IGNOU CTE Assignments IGNOU CHR Assignments
IGNOU DMT Assignments IGNOU DUL Assignments IGNOU CFE Assignments IGNOU CCP Assignments
IGNOU DPVCPO Assignments IGNOU PGDSWT Assignments IGNOU CUL Assignments IGNOU CCLBL Assignments
IGNOU DFPT Assignments IGNOU PGDCJ Assignments IGNOU CAFÉ Assignments IGNOU CAHT Assignments
IGNOU DWM Assignments IGNOU PGDENLW Assignments IGNOU CSWCJS Assignments IGNOU CIHL Assignments
IGNOU PGDLAN Assignments IGNOU DIPP Assignments IGNOU CCEANM Assignments IGNOU CIG Assignments
IGNOU PGDDM Assignments IGNOU PGDEDS Assignments IGNOU CMCHC Assignments IGNOU CELL Assignments
IGNOU PGDMRR Assignments IGNOU PGDFCS Assignments IGNOU CDCW Assignments IGNOU CIE Assignments
IGNOU PGDRD Assignments IGNOU PGDAE Assignments IGNOU CHBCP Assignments IGNOU ACPDM Assignments
IGNOU DBPOFA Assignments IGNOU PGDICG Assignments IGNOU PGCBHT Assignments IGNOU PGCGPS Assignments
IGNOU PGDPSM Assignments IGNOU PGPDSE Assignments IGNOU PGCMHT Assignments IGNOU PGPCSE Assignments
IGNOU CTPM Assignments IGNOU PGDCFT Assignments IGNOU PGDMD Assignments  

119 thoughts on “IGNOU Assignments December 2017

  1. Prashant Kumar Pandey Reply

    assignment of med is not clear which one to do there are two assignments for med second year for the same year 2015

  2. shuffana Reply

    we are unable to download solved assignment
    can any 1 will tell me how to download it

  3. manish agarwal Reply

    Dear Sir/Ma’am
    Please tell me wheather EEG-04 and BEGE-104 are same?
    I have to submit my assignment by the end of this month and I am unable tp find the assignment question paper of EEG-04.
    Please revert asap

  4. Bikky Das Reply

    Please help me by making available of the solved assignments of B.COM A&F programme For Dec 2015 exam.

  5. gayatree Reply

    Hi, Please help me with the solved assignments of Master in Psychology (MAPC), MPC 004 and 005.

    Thank you,



    • kavetri Reply


      could u manage getting those ?
      even I am luking for same … pls share if u hv MAPC assignments MPC 001 till 007

  6. Himanchal verma Reply

    Sir plz provide me assignment for PGDIS cource July 2015

  7. Akhil Das Reply

    Dear sir, Good morning, Subject: BLIS, Sir, I took admission in July 2015 session and I got study material yesterday. Sir I searched for assignment in IGNOU website and it is written on top BLIS-Revised (English)/(Hindi) (2015-2015) and on clicking on it “Assignments for July 2015 and January 2015 sessions” is appearing. BLI-221,Assignment code:AST/TMA/Jul15-Jan16 is showing on question paper. I want to confirm whether these assignments for me or not. Please confirm. Thank you. Regards////

    Akhil Chandra Das

  8. Tarandeep kaur Reply

    Please, post assignment for BA(AVFX) course. As I am proceeding this course from MAAC. I have to appear BNI-001 (Animation Production) and I have to submit the assignment.Kindly post the 2015 assignement for said paper or all papers.
    Yours Sincerely,

  9. aman Reply

    plz send me assignment of ignou mba july session 2015 of MS-1 MS-3 MS-6 MS-10 urgently plz .

  10. shailaja tiwale Reply

    Please send M.A. in Political science assignments of this and previous years…

  11. Aparna Reply

    Hi all

    I am a recognised IGNOU councellor, and provide assistance.

    If you need any help in making synopsis or project in MS (MBA or PGDOM) MS100 in finance, marketing, operations, HR you can contact me.
    You can also contact me for help in making assignments.

  12. chitra Reply


    I want ignou solved assignment (MATS) Master of arts in translation study. kindly provide me Course Code MTT 010 to MTT 017.


  13. shivani Reply

    Plse send me mcom ist year solved assignment of subject IBO -03 & IBO -05

  14. baljinder Reply

    i want cte solved assignments. last date of submission is in march. kindly send the solved assignments for cte with option 5 . thnaks in advance

  15. RUPAK SHUKLA Reply

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly send me Free Solved Assignment for PGDRD, Code -MRD101, MRD102, MRD103 and RDD6 (HINDI)

    Kindly do the needful

    Thanks & Regards

    159510723 July-2015

  16. Hari Singh Sikarwar Reply

    Sir mera BDP ka rasult nahi cliyar hua h Jun 2015bataye

  17. garima pandey Reply

    sir i need assignment of FEG1 n FEG2 …kindly send solved assignment….thanku

  18. Anita Barwa Reply

    plz send solved assignment 2015-2016 of bcom 1 st yr paper- feg 1, feg-2, eec-11, eco-1, eco-2 , bshf-101

  19. C K DUBE Reply

    I need solved assignment of BPP maths and social science admission in jan 2016 batch

  20. steven hau Reply

    Sir i want the assignment solve of 2015 fpr BPP course.How do i download from ?

    • alok kumar Reply

      Please Give Me B.A Programe All Subject Solve Assinment.

  21. Saradanand Andrews Reply

    Can you provide me solved assignments papers of MSO-2 & MSOE-4 of 2014 July admission ?

  22. herin akkara Reply

    Plz give me BSHF 101 & AED 01 Solved assignments 2015-16 Id :herinhelson@gmail.com

  23. amit kumar Reply

    BA-3 DEC 2016 subject ACC-01 ka assignment question paper please send me urgently.
    Thank you.

  24. Neha Reply

    Please send me mcom ist year solved assignment
    i hv taken admission in december2015

  25. sreeja Reply

    I need MA history assignments. it is not available in the list

  26. Gayatree Reply

    I am in MA pschology 2nd year. Can you provide me with assignments for Counselling Pscyhology?

  27. manisha Reply

    I enroll in m.com ist year in 2015 June but my assignment for June 2016 exam is not complete what assignment questions for December 2016 exam

    please provide me assignment

    • manisha Reply

      please, provide me m.com ist year assignment for December 2016 exam

    • manisha Reply

      dear,sir i take admission in m.com in 2015in July but my assignment for examination June 2016 is not completed please tell me what assignment questions for December 2016examination

    • Rubina Sayyed Reply

      dear,sir i take admission in B.A in FEB 2016 but my assignment for examination DEC 2016 is not completed please tell me what assignment questions for December 2016examination I dint find the question paper my subject is BSHF 101 FHD 1 FUD1 BULE 1 BULE2 plz help me

  28. Briha jmt Reply

    I dnt know from where to get assingment questions ang where to do that assingment wl u plz hlp me

  29. Shashank Kumar Reply

    sir, I want assignments for sep 2016 BDP How I download

  30. mahaveer singh Reply

    Please send me ignou bed 2nd year solved assignment of es334, ES335,ES-361,ES-362,ETC.

  31. Rubina Sayyed Reply

    Sir Im B.A 1st year student I dnt know from where to get assingment questions and where to do that assingment wl u plz hlp me
    My subject is BSHF 101 FHD2 FUD1 BULE1 BULE2 I dint find qustion paper .


    Please send me assignment of IGNOU MBA December session 2015 of MSO-1,MSO-2,MSO-3, MSO-4

  33. JINTU BAYAN Reply


  34. vinita shende Reply

    please provide assignment for ms-04 program MP.

    i want to submit this subject assignment again.

  35. vinita shende Reply

    please send assignment for mba program subject ms-04
    i want to submit again this subject

  36. Chakita Mitra Reply

    Please send me the Meg6’s assignment for December 2016exam.I Would be grateful to you if u kindly send me the details.

  37. Gagan Rajput Reply

    M.com 1st year solved assignment is not available here. If someone have solved assignment pls. help me as last date of submit is 15th sep. 2016. Thanks in advance. Pls. mail me at sonigagan61@yahoo.in

  38. suresh Reply


    PH: 7893251961 EMAIL:ignoucacscma@gmail.com

  39. kartic mandi Reply

    Please help me to wright assignmen papers to send me meg 1,2,3,4, solved assignment papers January 2016

  40. N. Mamatha Reply

    I couldn’t download the BPP assignment question paper , can you please help me out.

  41. Diana thomas Reply

    I wish to attend PGDCFT exams in December 2016 , I have my assignment 5 to be submitted, I wanted to know if I can follow the same question paper of 2015 ?

  42. kasar Reply

    sir, i want BA English Honours 1st year assignment. can you please sent me those materials.

  43. Advocate Hardik c Shah Reply

    Hello sir,
    kindly forward me assignment for MIP-108 of PGD-IPR at your earnest.

    with regards,
    Advocate Hardik C Shah

  44. vandana Reply

    I need the solved assignment of meg course of first year plz tell me how can get it.

  45. Bharti Reply

    Dear sir, i take admission in Ba 1st year 2016-2017. Please send me ba 1st year solved assignment.

  46. arushi Reply

    Mjhe December ke exam dene h mere sbhi friends ki Hall ticket AA chuki h BT meri ni AA rhi h

  47. Gangdunang gangmei Reply

    Some body please send me the assignment questions of Bswe-04,05,06 and fst-1 second year for july session 2017. Please

  48. satyadeep kujur Reply

    i didn’t get any assignment, so kindly send me through gmail account.

  49. Ignou Reply

    Ignou Solved Assignments are available here.
    Whats App Me : 9642157117
    Thank You

  50. HIMANSHU Reply

    b.a ki assignment kab submit karwani hai…mera session 2017 ka hai……

  51. Shahrukh Mohammad Qureshi Reply

    I want information regarding assignmemt for BTS first year… 2017 june

  52. Zephery L Reply

    Can anyone help me in downloading solved assignment for BLIS of July 2016 session.


  53. arathy p Reply

    kindly send me solved assignments for BA july section 2016, code BSHF-101, BHDF 101, BHDE 101, EHD2 . If someone have solved assignment pls help me as last date of submit is 31st march 2017. Thanks in advance. Pls. mail me at

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