IGNOU B.COM FST-1 Study Material

IGNOU B.COM FST-1 Study Material – Welcome to IGNOU B.COM Study Material Section, Here you will find IGNOU B.COM FST-1  Books, which will help those students who dint receive books by post can study online by downloading these books. Here IGNOU4U has uploaded Some IGNOU B.COM Books to be helpful to students who want to study online.
FST-1 Foundation Course in Science and Technology (COMPULSORY)
Block 1: History of Science [4]
 Block 2: Emergence of Modern Science [4]
Block 3: Universe and Life: The Beginning [5]
Block 4: Environment and Resources [5]
Block 5: Agriculture, Nutrition and Health [3]
Block 6: Information, Knowledge, Insight [4]
Block 7: Science, Technology and Development [4]
Block 8: New Perspectives [2]

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