IGNOU B.ED Question Papers

IGNOU B.ED Question Papers – Download IGNOU BED Question Papers of Last 3 years to know all about privious Paper scheme of question Papers so look here. IGNOU Question Papers also available in free of cost so you have not pay any cost.


ES-331 Curriculum and Instruction- Dec 2015
ES-332 Psychology of Learning and Development- Dec 2015
ES-333 Educational Evaluation- Dec 2015
ES-334 Education and Society- Dec 2015
ES-335 Teachers and School- Dec 2015
ES-341 Teaching of Science- Dec 2015
ES-342 Teaching of Mathematics- Dec 2015
ES-343 Teaching of Social Studies- Dec 2015
ES-344 Teaching of English- Dec 2015
ES-345 Hindi Shikshan Pravidhi- Dec 2015
ES-361 Educational Technology- Dec 2015
ES-362 Computers in Education- Dec 2015
ES-363 Guidance and Counseling- Dec 2015
ES-364 Distance Education- Dec 2015
BESE-065 Hiv And Aids Education- Dec 2015
BESE-066 Adlescence And Family Education- Dec 2015
BESE-046 Teaching Of Tamil- Dec 2015

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