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IGNOU B.Ed Study Material –As per many IGNOU Students IGNOU B.Ed Study Material is not yet available to them on time. To start preparing for IGNOU Syllabus students can now download IGNOU B.Ed books from IGNOU4U Website. For more IGNOU B.Ed Books do mail us (ignou4u@gmail.com).

List IGNOU B.Ed Study Material Download:

List of Available ES-331 Study Materials:

ES-331 Curriculum and Instruction
Block-01 Curriculum Planning.
Block-02 Instructional System.
Block-03 Planning and Management of Instruction.
Block-04 Teaching Skills.

List of Available ES-332 Study Materials:

ES-332 Psychology of Learning and Development
Block-01  Understanding the Development of the Learner.
Block-02 Understanding the Learner as a Unique Individual.
Block-03 Understanding the Learning Process.
Block-04 Facilitating Learning and Development .

List of Available ES-333 Study Materials:

ES-333 Educational Evaluation
Block-01 Statistical Techniques of Analysis.
Block-02 Techniques and Tools of Evaluation .
Block-03 Learner’s Evaluation.
Block-04 Statistical Techniques of Analysis.

List of Available ES-334 Study Materials:

ES-334 Education and Society
Block-01 Understanding Education.

List of Available ES-342 Study Materials:

ES-342 Teaching of Mathematics
Block-1 Nature, Objectives and Approaches to Teaching of Mathematics.
Block-2 Teaching Arithmatic and Commercial Mathematics.
Block-3 Teaching Algebra and Computing.
Block-4 Teaching Geometry and Trigonometry.

List of Available ES-343 Study Materials:

ES-343 Teaching of Social Studies
Block-1 Pedagogy of Teaching Social Studies.
Block-2 Teaching of History.
Block-3 Teaching of Geography.
Block-4 Teaching of Economics and Civics.

List of Available ES-344 Study Materials:

ES-344 Teaching of English
Block-1 Instructional Planning in Teaching of English.
Block-2 Listening Comprehension and Speaking.
Block-3 Reading Comprehension.
Block-4 Teaching Writing and Grammar .

List of Available ES-361 Study Materials:

ES-361 Educational Technology
Block-01 Educational Technology; Multifaceted Problem Solving Approach .
Block-02 Educational Technology: State of the Art.
Block-03 Software Development.
Block-04 Optimising Learning.

List of Available ES-362 Study Materials:

ES-362 Computer in Education
Block-01 Computer Based Instruction.
Block-02 Designs, Issues and Strategies.
Block-03 Introduction to Computers in Education.
Block-04 Computers in Educational Administration.

List of Available ES-363 Study Materials:

ES-363 Guidance and Counselling
Block-01 Introduction to Guidance and Counselling.
Block-02 Techniques and Procedures of Guidance.
Block-03 Career Development.
Block-04 Guiding Students with Special Problems 

List of Available ES-364 Study Materials:

ES-364 Distance Education
Block-01 Development of Distance Education.
Block-02 Teaching at a Distance.
Block-03 Learning at a Distance.
Block-04 Programme Evaluation in Distance Education.

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