IGNOU B.Sc Study Material

IGNOU B.Sc Study Material – IGNOU B.Sc Students who did not get their study material by post can refer below books to prepare for exam as well as to solve their IGNOU  Assignments, IGNOU4U has download these books for B.Sc students to read it online.Click below link to download your B.Sc books

IGNOU B.sc First Year Study Material
BNSL-101 Nursing Foundation
BNSL-102 Applied Sciences 
BNS 101   Nursing Foundation
BNS 102   Applied Sciences
BNS 103   Maternal Health Nursing
BNS 104   Communicative English
BNS 105   Behavioural Sciences
BNSL 103 Maternal Health Nursing
BNSL 105 Behavioural Sciences
IGNOU B.sc Second Year Study Material
BNS 106   Medical Surgical Nursing
BNS 107   Peadiatric Nursing
BNS 108   Mental Health Nursing
BNSL 106 Medical Surgical Nursing 
BNSL 107 Peadiatric Nursing
BNSL 108 Mental Health Nursing
IGNOU B.sc Third Year Study Material
BNS 109   Community Health Nursing -BNS 109
BNS 110   Nursing Administration -BNS 110 
BNS 111   Nursing Education and Research -BNS 111
BNSL 109 Community Health Nursing
BNSL 111 Nursing Education and Research
BNSL 112 Computer in Nursing

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  1. I am an old IGNOU student.my no is 975920160. I want a new third year BNS MODULES. As course is charged to some extent..how can I download that stydu material?

  2. I am a new chemistry BSC IGNOU student and I want to download my study material. But there’s something wrong in the internet. So what should I do?

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