IGNOU BBA Grade Card June 2018

IGNOU BBA Grade Card June 2018 – Download the Grade Card for BBA Courses. This Grade card will help you to know the combined marks for BBA Exam and Assignments. Those Students who wants to know the Final Marks Obtain in Theory, Practical and Assignments for IGNOU BBA Courses, Please follow below links to see the Grade Card for BBA.  
You will be taken to our main grade card 2018 section where you will be able to see the latest announced grade card 2018. We request you to please identify the courses you are looking for, if you don’t find it means the grade card 2018 is not announced yet, please keep visiting the section or bookmark the link to visit again.
Those who cannot find there grade card 2018 please write us at ignou4u@gmail.comwith name of course so we can add the course in List

IGNOU BBA Grade Card June 2018

All BBA candidates from IGNOU University can now check their Grade Card if they had attended last session Term End Examination. BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration Students can now check their all subjects Grade Card by follow below link.

IGNOU BBA Grade Card June 2018

IGNOU BBA Grade Card
 In BBA Grade Card, you can check all of your Assignment marks which you submitted before appear in Exam. Your BBA Theory Term End Exam and Term End Practical Exam (If required).

If you got required minimum marks then your status shows in Grade Card as “Completed” or if you fail to take Minimum marks in subject then status will be shown as “Not completed” in that case you have to appear for Re-Test for this BBA Subject.

In grade card 2018 grade is given in the form of “A,B,C,D,E”. If any students has “E” as a grade in his/her grade card 2018 then he/she will be consider as a fail. And also status will also be shown as “Not Completed” for the particular students

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