IGNOU BCA Syllabus

IGNOU BCA Syllabus Structure – IGNOU BCA Course is planned for those students who want to make their career in the field of information technology and Mathematics. Student who has done 10+2 can enroll for this program. IGNOU BCA program offers theoretical as well as practical knowledge of computers and software technology.

Name of the Programme:
Bachelor of Computer BCA
10+2 or its equivalent with Maths as a distinct subject. However, students who have not pursued Mathematics as a distinct subject at 10+2 are required to register and pass MTE-03 course concurrently.
Min. age Duration:
 No Bar
Year Min. Max.
3 Years 6 Years.
Programme Fee:
Rs.4400/- per semester + Rs.850/- MTE-03 for non-maths students.Rs.4300/- per sem. (2nd Semester onwards)

IGNOU BCA Syllabus Structure

IGNOU program is divided in to six semesters. If you don’ have Mathematics in class 12th then you need to complete IGNOU PPC along with first semester of IGNOU BCA. The syllabus of IGNOU PPC covers
1. Some Basic Concepts
2. Elementary Algebra
3. Geometry and Trigonometry
4. Equations and Matrices
5. Calculus and Statistics

IGNOU BCA First Semester Syllabus Structure
CS – 610 Foundation Course in English for Computing 4 Credits
FHS – 01 Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Science 8 Credits
CS – 611 Computer Fundamentals 4 Credits

IGNOU BCA Second Semester Syllabus Structure
CS – 612 PC Software Application Skills 4 Credits
CS – 60 Foundation Course in Mathematics in Computing 8 Credits
CS – 62 C Programming and Data Structure 4 Credits

IGNOU BCA Third Semester Syllabus Structure
FST Foundation Course in Science and Technology 8 Credits
CS – 63 Introduction to Software System 4 Credits
CS – 05 Elements of System Analytics and Design 4 Credits
CS – 67 RDBMS Lab 4 Credits

IGNOU BCA Fourth Semester Syllabus Structure
CS – 06 Introduction to DBMS 4 Credits
FHS – 01 Introduction to Computer Organization 8 Credits
CS – 65 Window Programming 2 Credits
CS – 66 Multimedia 2 Credits

IGNOU BCA Fifth Semester Syllabus Structure
CS – 68 Computer Networks 4 Credits
CS – 69 TCP/IP Programming 4 Credits
CS – 70 Introductions to Software Engineering 4 Credits
CS – 71 Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques 4 Credits

IGNOU BCA Sixth Semester Syllabus Structure
CS – 72 C++ and Object Oriented Programming 4 Credits
CS – 73 Theory of Computer Science 4 Credits
CS – 74 Introduction of Internet Programming (JAVA, Active X) 4 Credits
CS – 75 Intranet Administration 4 Credits
CS – 76 Project 4 Credits

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