IGNOU BCom Syllabus and Course Structure

IGNOU BCom Syllabus Structure- Here you will find Revised, Latest and recently updated IGNOU Bachelor of Commerce Syllabus Structure with the credit system applied to each subject of IGNOU BCom. In some IGNOU subjects there are 4 credits and in other 8 credits. It will be useful for you to know the credit of all subjects as we know IGNOU follows Credit system. 
On this page you will be introduced to IGNOU BCom Syllabus subjects semester wise and also the name of the chapters of your IGNOU BCom Books which will help you to decide whether you want to appear for that particular subject exam or not. As the chapter name itself says what it has in it  to make you clear about choosing your preference for studying and for Exam. It will also facilitate a student to see the detail syllabus of IGNOU BCom  before taking Admission in IGNOU BCom who is confuse where to go for Admission or to select other course. If you are confuse , here is the list of other Courses of IGNOU Syllabus Structure 2017

IGNOU BCom Syllabus Structure :


First Year

Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 FEG-02  Foundation Course in English  4
 FST-1  Foundation Course in Science and Technology  8
 FEG-1  Foundation Course in English-1  4
 FHD-2  Foundation Course in Hindi-2  4
 FHD-1  Foundation Course in Hindi-1  4
 MSW-009  Community Organization Management for Community Development  8

Second Year

Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 ECO-1  Business Organization  4
 ECO-02  Accountancy-I  4
 ECO-03  Management Theory  4
 ECO-05  Mercantile Law  4
 ECO-06  Economic Theory  4
 ECO-07  Elements of Statistics  4
 ECO-08  Company Law  4
 ECO-09  Money, Banking and Financial Institutions  4
 ECO-10  Elements of Costing  4
 ECO-11  Elements of Income Tax  4
 ECO-12  Elements of Auditing  4
 ECO-13  Business Environment  4
 ECO-14  Accountancy-II  4

Third Year

Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 AFW-(E)  Feature Writing  4
 AWR-(E)  Writing for Radio  4
 AWR-(H)  Radio Lekhan (Hindi)  4
 CTE-03  Teaching Strategies  4
 CTE-04  Teaching English (Elementary School)  4
 CTE-05  Teaching English (Secondary School)  4
 AOM-1  Office Organization Management  4
 ASP-1  Secretarial Practice  4
 AHE-1  Human Environment  6
 AMT-01  Teaching of Primary School Mathematics  6
 AMK-1  Marketing -AMK-1  4
 AED-1  Export Procedures and Documentation  4
 ATR-1  Translation  8
 ACC-1  Organizing Childcare Services  8
 ANC-1  Nutrition for the Community -ANC-1  8
 ACS-1  Consumer Studies -ACS-1  8


18 thoughts on “IGNOU BCom Syllabus and Course Structure

  1. ashwani sharma Reply

    i m not confirmed my courses in bcom 2 year how i will get it pls tell me

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  3. Akash Reply

    plz tell me anyone how many total subjects in each yr of bcom including compulsory subjects. As i saw sylbs given by ignou can’t understand it plz help me….

  4. vekariya milan Reply

    plz tell me anyone how many subject in first year of b.com including compulsory subject and credit system.as i saw syllabus given by IGNOU can’t understand it plz help me…..

    • sudhir kumar Reply

      dear shubham ji there are fst1,eco3,eco5,eco7,eco12,eco14are
      compulsery and eco 6 &13 ate optional subjects which is applied by me in2nd year

  5. Bany Reply

    pls send me the exact bcom 1st year syllabus bcoz i have got ECO-01,ECO-02, BEGE -101, FEG-1, FEG-2, NEV-001 but in the net the syllabus is only showing FEG-1 and FEG-2 for bcom 1st year pls reply me soon coz i am puzzled.

  6. Bhavna bisht Reply

    kindly let me knw the exact subjects for b.com 1st year.

  7. sudhir kumar Reply

    plz help me that, who are comp ulsery subject in b.com and also plz tel me EEC11,eco01,eco02 are2nd yrs subject im giving exam of their in 1st yrs plz help

  8. Aarti kumari Reply

    Can you plz tell me that what is b.com program code plz help me

  9. SHUBHAM Reply

    can you tell me when my exam will be i applied for bcom in may 2016 for july 2016 session

  10. barun Debnath Reply

    I want to be b.com second year solved paper
    eco 2, 3,5 ,7 ,12
    13 ,14
    mobile 8119911213

  11. Nisha Gill Reply

    I want to take admission for b.com course, kindly tell me the details. I did my 12th in 2007 in commerce with 63% marks.

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