IGNOU BEd Syllabus and Course Structure

IGNOU BEd Syllabus Structure- Here you will find Revised, Latest and recently updated IGNOU Bachelor of Education Syllabus Structure with the credit system applied to each subject of IGNOU BEd. In some IGNOU subjects there are 4 credits and in other 8 credits. It will be useful for you to know the credit of all subjects as we know IGNOU follows Credit system. 
On this page you will be introduced to IGNOU BEd Syllabus subjects semester wise and also the name of the chapters of your IGNOU BEd Books which will help you to decide whether you want to appear for that particular subject exam or not. As the chapter name itself says what it has in it  to make you clear about choosing your preference for studying and for Exam. It will also facilitate a student to see the detail syllabus of IGNOU BEd  before taking Admission in IGNOU BEd who is confuse where to go for Admission or to select other course. If you are confuse , here is the list of other Courses of IGNOU Syllabus Structure 2017

IGNOU BEd Syllabus Structure

First Year

Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 ES-331  Curriculum and Instruction  4
 ES-332  Psychology of Learning & Development  4
 ES-333  Educational Evaluation  4
 ES-334  Education and Society  4
 ES-335  Teacher and School  4

Second Year

Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 ES-341  Teaching of Science  4
 ES-342  Teaching of Mathematics  4
 ES-343  Teaching of Social Studies  4
 ES-344  Teaching of English  4
 ES-345  Teaching of Hindi  4
 ES-361  Educational Technology  4
 ES-362  Computer in Education  4
 ES-363  Guidance and Counselling  4
 ES-364  Distance Education  4
 BESE-065  HIV and AIDS Education  4
 BESE-066  Adolescence and Family Education  4
 ES-381  School-based Practicals  4
 ES-382  Workshop-based Practicals  4
 ES-383  Practice Teaching  8
 ES-346  Teaching of Tamil  4

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    How many days required to publish the complete result of Mcom December 2016 exam???

  2. mukesh gandhi Reply

    ignou se dpe( diploma in primary education) ko rajasthan me BSTC ke equilant manyata ha ya nahi

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