IGNOU BTAE Question Papers Dec 2016

IGNOU BTAE Question Papers – Download IGNOU Previous Question Papers of B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering of year 2016 to know the pattern of past years IGNOU Question Papers which will help you to prepare better for your IGNOU Examination.

BAS-001 Applied Physics – Dec 2016
BAS-002 Applied Chemistry – Dec 2016
BAS-003 Technical Writing and Communication Skills – Dec 2016
BAS-004 Workshop Technology – Dec 2016
BAS-005 Engineering Drawing – Dec 2016
BAS-006 Computer Fundamentals – Dec 2016
BAS-007 CNS-ATM system – Dec 2016
BAS-008 Strength of Materials – Dec 2016
BAS-009 Introduction to Aeronautics – Dec 2016
BAS-010 Mechanics Design – Dec 2016
BAS-011 Aircraft Systems And Airworthiness Requirements – Dec 2016
BAS-012 Aerodynamics- I – Dec 2016
BAS-013 Propulsion- I – Dec 2016
BAS-014 Aircraft Structures – Dec 2016
BAS-015 Aerodynamics- II – Dec 2016
BAS-016 Propulsion- II – Dec 2016
BAS-017 Flight Mechanics – Dec 2016

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