IGNOU BTS Syllabus and Course Structure

IGNOU BTS Syllabus Structure- Here you will find Revised, Latest and recently updated IGNOU Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies Syllabus Structure with the credit system applied to each subject of IGNOU BTS. In some IGNOU subjects there are 4 credits and in other 8 credits. It will be useful for you to know the credit of all subjects as we know IGNOU follows Credit system. 
On this page you will be introduced to IGNOU BTS Syllabus subjects semester wise and also the name of the chapters of your IGNOU BTS Books which will help you to decide whether you want to appear for that particular subject exam or not. As the chapter name itself says what it has in it  to make you clear about choosing your preference for studying and for Exam. It will also facilitate a student to see the detail syllabus of IGNOU BTS  before taking Admission in IGNOU BTS who is confuse where to go for Admission or to select other course. If you are confuse , here is the list of other Courses of IGNOU Syllabus Structure 2018

IGNOU BTS Syllabus Structure:

First Year

Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 FHS-01  Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences  8
 FGT 1  Foundation Course in Gujarati  4
 FKD-1  Foundation Course in Kannada  4
 FML-1  Foundation Course in Malayalam  4
 FMT-1  Foundation Course in Marathi  4
 FOR-1  Foundation Course in Oriya  4
 FPB-1  Foundation Course in Punjabi  4
 FTM-1  Foundation Course in Tamil  4
 FTG-1  Foundation Course in Telugu  4
 FTG-1  Foundation Course in Telugu  4
 FEG-1  Foundation Course in English-1  4
 FEG-2  Foundation Course in English-2  4
 FHD-1  Foundation Course in Hindi-1  4
 FHS-1  Foundation Course IN Humanities AND Social Sciences  4
 TS-1  Foundation Course in Tourism  8
 TS-2  Tourism Development: Products, Operations and Case Studies  8
 FBG-1  Foundation Course in Bengali  4

Second Year

Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 FST-1  Foundation Course in Science and Technology  8
 TS-4  Indian Culture: Perspective for Tourism  8
 PTS-4  Project on Indian Culture: A Perspective for Tourism  4
 TS-5  Ecology, Environment and Tourism  8
 PTS-5  Project on Ecology, Environment and Tourism  4

Third Year

Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 EEG-03  Communication Skills in English  8
 TS-3  Management in Tourism  8
 TS-6  Tourism Marketing  8
 PTS-6  Project on Tourism Marketing  4
 AOM-1  Office Organization Management  4
 ASP-1  Secretarial Practice  4
 TS-7  Human Resource Development  8
 AHE-1  Human Environment  8
 EHI-1  Modern India, 1857-1964`  8
 EHI-2  India: Earliest Times to 8th Century A.D.  8
 EHI-3  India From 8th to 15th Century A.D.  8
 EHI-4  India From 16th to Mid 18th Century A.D.  8
 ESO-15  Society and Religion  8


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    please let me know that how many subject are in BTS for first year……

  2. Gurleen Kaur Reply

    I have taken Admission in BTS from IGNOU but I am very confused about the study material as in I have to study from the books provided by the university or I have to buy other helpbooks as well for the same.Moreover,what woulb be the question paper type?MCQ or Question and Answers.IF you could help me out with same.Some suggestions that can help me in my studies.Just want know from where should I start the preparation.I would be glad to have suggestions from you:-)..


    I want to study BTS course. I want to get course details yearwise. Pl let me know current admission schedule & kolkata office address

  4. piyush singh Reply

    hey i just wanted to knw when will the program start and wht kind of classes would be held. and what would be the timings and all ?

  5. Jaseem Reply

    iam keralite. Iam plaining to study bts as distance. Please tell me about future job I get and also the positive side of this degree,
    My whatsapp number. 8138977186



  7. Sunitha Reply

    Very much interested in BTS , y don’t we BTS students make a watsapp group to discuss studies.my watsapp # 9526071538

  8. Preeti Reply

    Hi. I am also very confused about the bts. I dont know the study material which they send only read or other books also. Plz help me.

    • anoop Reply

      hey preeti neeraj ki book useful hai main main sentence point hai baki ignou syllabus jayada hai jayada informatio n k liye wats up karo 7065300195 me june m 2 yr exam

      • Somesh P. Reply

        Hey this is somesh from chhattisgarh. I wanna do BTS. Plz add me ur whatsapp group…. My no. 9479022202

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      do one thing just purchase the help material of Neeraj books or GPH… not JPH

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    anybody call or watsup massage me for bts course from Ignou
    Shiven Mallik

  10. RAHUL Reply

    Hey all,

    This is rahul, i would like to go for the same. but first year (how many books are there? ) (is it too tough? ). i did not enrolled yet but willing to apply for it. i heard from one of the x student, he said its a very easy course and about the assignments and projects all he has done is paid some amount to the teacher and he did all by himself. is it true?

  11. shona das Reply

    i have jus pass my 12 frm mbose board n i m thinking for doing bts will it help me in future for getting job

  12. BILAL Bashir Reply

    There is a same situation I’m totally confused that how I start my study of bts ist year .anyone have the information about the study material are question papers plzz send me on this number 8492949331

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    Hello hi
    Indeed of help have taken admission in BTS on 2017 Sep and presently am in Bahrain and I want to know that can I write online exam from here can i be able to complete BTS program. Kindly get me proper information and if BTS team as a watsapp group means kindly add me friends it will be helpful for me.
    Number : +91-9633983810, +973-38984817.
    Vibin pm

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    6395605923 add me in watsup grp for bts..m 1st year student of BTS in ignou.

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