IGNOU Course Structure in Urdu

IGNOU Course Structure in Urdu : IGNOU has launched this programme for those Urdu and Hindi speakers who want to know how to read, write and correctly speak Urdu language. IGNOU Certificate Courses also inducts students in literature appreciation. IGNOU Course Structure in Urdu will also bridge the gap between Urdu and Hindi and provide the basis to develop a link language.

IGNOU Course Structure in Urdu Detail info:

IGNOU Course Structure in Urdu starting from certificate to diploma, Bachelors and Master’s degree and further M.Phil and Ph.D Programme will help hither-to unreached sections of students in Madarsahs. A large number of drop outs are also those to whom Urdu is non-available as a medium of formal education.

IGNOU Course Structure in Urdu is on offer from July  followed by launch of IGNOU Diploma and IGNOU B.A. Electives for a major in Bachelor’s degree programme.. IGNOU also has a special slot for Urdu Programme on its Gyan Darshan Channel.

Some of the IGNOU Course in Urdu worth mentioning are :

  1. Women in Urdu Literature,
  2. Diasporic Urdu Literature,
  3. Elements of Urdu Structure,
  4. Socio-Cultural Forms of Urdu,
  5. Oral tradition of Urdu literature,
  6. Stylistics, Sociology of Literature.

Some of the courses that need a special mention are Script Writing, Feature Writing, Publishing, Editing and Proof Reading, Principles of Language Teaching, Translation etc.

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