IGNOU Diploma in Nursing Administration (DNA)

IGNOU Diploma in Nursing Administration is a one-year programme of 28 credits (theory 16 credits, Practical 12 credits) for working nurses. This programme has been developed for the nurses who are working in the hospital or community. Nurses working in the hospital are promoted to ward sister without any formal training in administration. This programme will help to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the inservice nurses in the administrative competence.

The broad Objectives of IGNOU  Diploma in Nursing Administration (DNA) are to:

    * Strengthen knowledge of administration concepts and their application in improving nursing services.
    * Develop an understanding of recent trends in health care system and nursing.
    * Participate co- operatively with individual and groups for improvements of nursing service.
    * Develop skills in maintaining administrative competence with effective supervision to provide quality care.

Programme Name:
Diploma in Nursing Administration (DNA)
Minimum Duration: 
1 Year
Maximum Duration: 
3 Years
Course Fee: 
Rs. 6,600
Minimum Age: 
No bar
Maximum Age: 
No bar
Programme Eligibility:
General Nursing and Midwifery (G.N.M.), R.N.R.M., with two years experience in the profession. (Male nurses, or nurses who have not done midwifery in the G.N.M. programme, should have a certificate in any of the nursing course of 6-9 months duration prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council in lieu of midwifery.)


IGNOU Programme Syllabus Structure:
CourseCode       Course Name   Credits 
 BNS-011 Principles and Practice of Nursing Administration -BNS-011 4
 BNS-012 Management of Educational Institute, Hospital and Community -BNS-012 4
 BNS-013 Group Dynamics (BNS-013) 4
 BNS-014 Resource Management (BNS-014) 4
 BNSL-011 Practical Aspects of Nursing Administration-I -BNSL-011 6
 BNSL-012 Practical Aspects of Nursing Administration-II -BNSL-012 6 

IGNOU  Diploma in Nursing Administration Admission Procedure: 
Download application form which is be Available IGNOU Online or collect it from nearer IGNOU Regional Centre, fill it up and submit it to IGNOU from 01 June till 01 December and Last date of applying Online from 31 October till 30 April . If you are not able to pay before due date you can apply Online with Late Fee of Rs.200/-   From 01 November to 01 May. Last Date of Receipt of Application form at Regional Centre is 30 November to 31 May.

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