IGNOU Fees Structure 2019

IGNOU Fees Structure Latest – IGNOU University offers lots of facilities to the students who are now pursuing in the university. They provide a world-class education to the students and conducts regular placement sessions to the students. The college provides a course with affordable fees structures.
The university carries academic activities and objectivity of the IGNOU University.  The college delivers the education with different disciplines and helps the candidates who do not have a sufficient amount to pursue the course in the university. When compared to the other institution here fees are lower.

The university offers the courses for the student on the basis of entrance exam, the candidate who gets the good score in the entrance exam are able to continue their degree in this university and they also provide the scholarship for the student who secures merit score in the board examination. The events conducted in the colleges makes the students get more knowledge and practical skills to learn the subject in easier. In this university millions of students are currently pursuing their degree with an afford fee. The staffs of the university give excellent teaching to the students. No one has to worry about the fee in the university, they offer the scholarship to the students to reduce the burden of paying fees for the degree course.

IGNOU Fees For Other Courses:

The IGNO University offer the fees based on the course. For B.com and B.A the candidate must pay the full payment at the fixed time. The payment will be pay in year wise and the candidate must make the initial payment at the registration or admission process. For B.sc student the total fee structure is ten thousand five hundred the applicant pay the amount in yearly wise. Indira Gandhi national Open University now updated the fees structure for BEd, BA, MA, B.com, MBA, etc.  The candidates who get admission in the university get all the information about the fees details.

  • IGNOU Fees Structure 2019 for Indian:

IGNOU provides a fixed date to pay the fee and details of the fees for both Undergraduate and postgraduate are given official site of the university. It is the largest university in India providing an education with affording fee. The candidates who are going to take admission in the university find out the complete details of the fees structure via the website. The fees of the courses are differing from the regular and distance person and the candidate also makes payment for practical and theoretical examination.

There are the different fees for the different course, you can view the fee structure for the required course in online which are now available in online portal of the university. A total number of programs in the university are twenty-one and fee structure for per course is 1,500. The total fee for the program is 31,500. For MBA students the university gets lower fee than the other courses. The candidate can check the updates of the fees details on the university website, in the web page of the university they will provide the full fee structure of the each and every course. If you have any doubt in the fees you can clarify it by viewing the web page.

  • IGNOU Fees Structure 2019 for SAARC Countries:

The Indira Gandhi national Open University provides the fees structure for the SAARC countries in category wise. The eligibility students who are applied for registration in the university they pay a registration fee in online for an apply process. Fees structures are divided into the categories such as diploma, doctoral programs, UG, PG degree courses. The SAARC students are paying the fee on the particular date and time which is provided by the university. If the candidates are not making the payment they will give few days time to pay the amount.

The total fee of the course per year for the SAARC countries is Rs. 3000 and the total program fee is Rs.63, 000 to complete the degree in the university. The IGNOU University provides 228 certificate programs; all programs are based on the fees. The applicant should pay the required fee of application which is mention in the notification of the university and the candidate can deposit the fees via the offline or online mode.

  • IGNOU Fees Structure Latest 2019 for Other Countries:

The admission process of other countries students is getting admission based on the relevant programs via the merit list. You can pay the fees of the course in a split way.  The university schedules the fees for other counties in different categories. This student is paying their course fees in $. The fee schedule of per course for the students who are from other countries is USD 250. The full program fee is USD 7350, when compared to other institution fee is lower. You can also survive the official email of the university to know the fees details.

For every year lots of students are like to take admission in the IGNOU University, the main reason for choosing this university is fees are lower. The university offers the education in high quality to the students and conducts more practical sessions and test. The transport fees of the university are also lower, average students also come in the transport. So keep visiting the official website of the university to take the day to day updates of the fees details. If you are searching for best education and lower price to pursue your degree choose the IGNO University, it makes your career to be excellent.

Can I Pay Fee For IGNOU DTS Programme In Instalments ?
No. IGNOU does not provide facility of payment of fees in installments. However, for several programmes like IGNOU MBA, MCA, BCA, payment is to be made semester-wise. For BA/BCom/BSc payment has to be made yearly.


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  13. I am sc student who is exempted from admission fees for BA programme. When I apply for 2nd year, why my fees is taken onlinely. please solve the problem.

  14. I am sc student who is exempted from admission fees for BA programme. When I apply for 2nd year, why my fees is taken online. please solve the problem.

  15. Sir i m a student of m.com 2nd year and my enrolment no.-151506216 and i wanted to paid my 2nd year fees but wrongly i paid 1st year fees second time. please give me some suggesion for this problem,

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