IGNOU Grade Card Calculator For Marks Automatic Online

IGNOU Grade Card Calculator For Marks Automatic Online :
The evaluation of leaner’s depends upon various instructional activities undertaken by them. A learner has to write assignment responses compulsorily before taking term-end examination from time to time to complete an academic   program. Its very simple . Assignment carries 30% weight age and term end examination carries 70% weight age.

Eg: if you have scored 80 marks in assignment and 70 marks in term end theory paper , your marks in that particular paper will be –

30% of assignment which is 30% of 80=24

70% of theory paper which is 70% of 70=49

so the total mark in the paper will be = 49+24=73.

Calculate marks of all paper like this . add them and compute your total percentage out 1200 marks. A learner has to submit TMA responses to the Coordinator of the Study Centre concerned to which s/he is attached. A learner should keep duplicate copies of assignment responses of TMA that may be required to be produced at Student Evaluation Division on demand. Term-end examination is conducted at various examination centres spread all over the country and abroad in June and December.


IGNOU Uses the Following System for Grading:

A Excellent
B Very Good
C Good
D Average
E Unsatisfactory

For Bachelors’ and IGNOU Masters’ degree programmes, normally the system of numerical marking is followed, and the marks secured in assignments, TEEs, etc. are later converted into grades as per the five-point grading scale given above. However, if required by the learner, the  university  provides numerical  marks  and  division (I, II or Pass). Calculating IGNOU result from grade card 2018 is also a tough thing for IGNOU students.
A particular subject (Practical/Theory/Assignments) has its own weight age like 15% of total, 50% of total, 25% of total etc. Although your perception is correct according to your Marking scheme i.e. 70% weight age for theory and 30% weightage for IGNOU Assignments.  But according to IGNOU’s official Grade Card issued to students, Decimal values are avoided and the marks are round offend.

IGNOU Grade Card Calculator System with Example:

For example: If someone got 27.1, 27.2, 27.3, 27.4 then on the Grade Card it will be 27.
If it’s 27.5, 27.6,27.7 etc then IGNOU Grade card will have 28.
The Calculation procedure for finding percentage is given in your BCA Programme Guide.
Its 30% weightage for Assignment and 70% weightage for TEE exam for FST and FHS. Eg: If you got in FST:  Assignment marks=(88+88)/2=88 so weightage for assignment = 40% of 88=35
TEE marks= 42 so weightage for TEE= 70% of 42=29
So total marks you got is 35+29=64
Similarly for CS courses(without practical) weightage is 75% for TEE and 25% for Assignment.
CS courses with practicals (CS-611, CS-62, CS-63, CS-68,BCS-061 etc) weightage is 60% TEE, 15% practical Exam marks and 25% for Assignment. If you are not BCA Students you can also calculate your percentage by following same procedure.Hope you can calculate your percentage now.
If you are still Confuse then here is the IGNOU Official Address to take response on quesries related to  Result, Re-evaluation, Grade Card, Deputy Registrar (Exam-III), SED,  IGNOU, Provisional Certificate, Early Declaration
Block-12, Room No. 1, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 of Result, Transcript, etc. kramesh@ignou.ac.in or Ph. :29536103,  29535924-32 / Extn. : 2201, 2211, 1316
Question : What Is The Procedure Of Calculating Assignment Marks In Final IGNOU Grade Card Calculator?
Reply: Here is the Procedure Of Calculating Assignment Marks In Final IGNOU Grade Card– First of all the average marks is of each subjects are calculated out of 100 of your particular subject. If the required total number of IGNOU Assignments to be submitted is two or three then the best two of your Assignments are considered for calculation of average. For preparing the IGNOU exam final result, 30% weightage is given to a each particular subject.

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  9. For IGNOU B.Ed 4 credit is equivalent to 100 marks. Presently for session 2015-2016, B.Ed. course is of 56 credit. It clearly indicate that full marks is 1400. If someone scores 86.17% which is mentioned in marksheet, that means he has obtained 1206.38 marks out of 1400. Ignore fraction and just put 1206 marks without any hesitation.

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