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IGNOU MAEDU Study Material/Books – Welcome to IGNOU MAEDU Study Material Section, Here you will find IGNOU MAEDU Books, which will help those students who dint receive books by post can study online by downloading these books. Here IGNOU4U has uploaded Some IGNOU Books to be helpful to students who want to study IGNOU Online. Its a complete Book of MAEDU which contain all Units.

Compulsory Courses:
MES-011 Understanding Education
MES-012 Education Nature and Purposes
MES-013 Learning, Learner and Development
MES-014 Societal Context of Education
MES-015 Operational Dimensions of Education
MES-016 Educational Research
Specialised Areas in Education
A. Higher Education:
MES-101 Higher Education: Its Context and Linkages
MES-102 Instruction in Higher Education
MES-103 Higher Education: The Psycho-Social Context
B. Distance Education:
MES-112 Design and Development of Self Learning Print Materials
MES-113 Learner Support Services
MES-114 Management of Distance Education
MES-115 Communication Technology for Distance Education
C. Educational Management:
MES-043 Organisational Behaviour

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful service. Please can you provide the courses that make up the PGDET and are the same for the ET specialization? These are:
    I tried registering and downloading the 2 courses (032 and 034) that show blocks, but the website says not authorized.
    Thanks again!

  2. hi sir, can you please help me to find where I can get the meaning of all the quotations in meg 02 (british drama) ? I mean meaning by paragrapth to paragraph.

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