IGNOU MBA Courses in Social Entrepreneurship

IGNOU launched an MBA programme in Social Entrepreneurship. The programme is aimed at creating capacity among students for the management of social initiatives and for the creation of entrepreneurs based on societal benefit. The overall aim of the IGNOU MBA Courses in Social Entrepreneurship is to create awareness among students, youth and academia on the importance of eliminating social inequities in India. There is an increasing feeling that NGOs cannot take up large scale changes.

IGNOU MBA Courses in Social Entrepreneurship Below:

The new IGNOU MBA programme would focus on the inclusion of business models to social enterprises with the aim of large-scale financial intervention and the scaling up of activities. In India, we have a vast number of examples of social entrepreneurship and we have a vast body of knowledge and expertise on the subject outside the formal educational structure. We are looking to package this knowledge and expertise to create a new brand of managers equipped to deal with social enterprises.

The new course will be offered as a collaboration between IGNOU and the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Madurai. Applications have been opened for the course, which will be initially offered at the IGNOU Study Centres in Chennai and Madurai, before being expanded to other IGNOU centres the next academic year. The two-year face-to-face programme will feature flexible timing for the students and will cost `24,000 per year. The programme will most suit those who already work for NGOs, said K Aludiapillai, Chairman of the CED, Madurai.

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