IGNOU MBA Syllabus 2015- Latest IGNOU MBA Course 2015

IGNOU Master of Business Administration (MBA) Course prepare students for productive careers in Management and Business Studies. To get Entrance in IGNOU MBA you have pass IGNOU OPENMAT Examination compulsory which held every six months.Without passing IGNOU OPENMAT a person are not able to receive Admission in IGNOU MBA. Right after successfully clearing the OPENMAT examination, IGNOU will send the notification to make sure you you regarding to the further admission procedure.

IGNOU has made the course structure of MBA in the most appropriate approach. It has been designed in a way to provide an advantage to the students of MBA from IGNOU.This programme consists of 21 courses in all. These 21 courses include 11 Basic Courses, 5 Specialisation Courses and 5 Integrative Courses, which include a Project Course equivalent to two courses. In this programme, semester system is followed: January to June and July to December. The following courses are on offer in January Semester and July Semester respectively. The students should opt for those courses which are on offer during that particular semester. Assignments will be available for only those courses which are on offer in the respective semesters. However, Term-end examinations will be held for all the courses both in the months of June and December every year.

A student can opted maximum of 4 courses per semester.One can take MS-100 (Project work) after at least 2 semesters.A course once selected for study, must be successfully completed within 4 semesters. In case of failure to do so, the student will be required to seek re-admission by paying fees. If a student wants to change one course then has to do it by 31st July for first and second semester respectively on payment of a fee. The IGNOU MBA learner has to complete a Project work (MS-100) under some guide. For fixing a guide the students has to contact the Co-ordinator. The Co-ordinator will fix some from the academic counsellors. The student has to send a project synopsis to IGNOU H/Q. After getting the approval from IGNOU the student has to send I copy of the project work to IGNOU. One copy of the same project is to be submitted to the study centre and I copy is to be given to the project guide. Submission of Assignments is pre-requisite for appearing in Term-End. For Management Programme total number of assignment one has to submit is 1 per course.

IGNOU MBA Consists of 21 different syllabuses:
1. All the courses in PGDIM (Eleven Courses) i.e. MS-1 to MS-11
2. Five courses from any one of the specialization streams
3. Compulsory Courses (MS-91, MS-95) and 1elective course (MS-92,93,94,96,97)
4. Project Course (MS-100) equivalent to 2 courses.
Admission to the IGNOU MBA will be done on the basis of the score obtained in the OPENMAT, conducted all over India twice a year. IGNOU MBA Fees is Rs. 700/- per course. Rs. 1400/- for MS100 (Total 21 courses).

IGNOU MBA Syllabus
CourseCode….     Course Name  ….  Credits 
 MS-1  Management Functions and Behavior  2
 MS-2  Management of Human Resources  2
 MS-3  Economic and Social Environment  2
 MS-4  Accounting and Finance for Managers  2
 MS-5  Management of Machines and Materials  2
 MS-6  Marketing for Managers  2
 MS-7  Information Systems for Managers  2
 MS-8  Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications  2
 MS-9  Managerial Economics  2
 MS-10  Organizational Design, Development and Change  2
 MS-11  Strategic Management  2
 MS-421  HRM in Financial Sector  2
 MS-422  Bank Financial Management  2
 MS-423  Marketing of Financial Services  2
 MS-424  International Banking Management  2
 MS-425  Electronic Banking and IT in Banks  2
 MS-44  Security Analysis and Portfolio Management  2
 MS-45  International Financial Management  2
 MS-46  Management of Financial Services  2

CourseCode …    Course Name…    .Credits
 MS-494  Risk Management  2
 MS-495  Ethics & Corporate Governance  2
 MS-95  Research Methodology for Management Decisions  2
 MS-100  Project Course (Equivalent to two courses)  4

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