IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science  IGNOU Programme are  Enhance awareness and impart knowledge on urgent  measures to be taken to limit population explosion,

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science  Eligibility:

All graduates from social and natural sciences streams, Policy makers, administrators, scientists and educators as well as general public interested in paradigm shift from  the present unsustainable to sustainable development.
Minimum : one year and Maximum : four years.

IGNOU PGDSS Medium of Instruction: English

IGNOU PGDSS Programme Fee: Rs. 6000/-

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science

 Programme Structure:

The programme consists of the following 7 theory courses:
MSD – 011:     Sustainability Science
MSD – 012:     Ecosystem and Natural Resources
MSD – 013:     Socio-Cultural System
MSD – 014:     Ecological Economics
MSD – 015:     Institutions, Governance and Policies
MSD – 016:     Strategies and Models for Sustainability
MSD – 017:     Challenges to Sustainable Development
MSDP – 018:    Project/Dissertation

IGNOU PGDSS Last date for submission of application: 30th July,

IGNOU PGDSS Job Opportunities:
World is under collapse: a fiction or challenge? The need is of a common effort to maintain the harmonious relation with nature and Many National and International organizations are in search of professionals people who are keen to those who are interested to continue their research in multidisciplinary fields will get theoretical understanding in choosing their

 career. The successful students may join as project officer/environmental expert in the NGOs, industries and academic institutions.   The details of the programmes are available at www.ignouonline.ac.in/save For details please contact:

Executive Director, Chair for Sustainable Development
Room No. 22, Block 1, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068
Tel.: +91-11- 29571122, Email: pgdss@ignou.ac.in,
Website: www.ignou.ac.in, www.ignouonline.ac.in/save

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