IGNOU Project Guidelines For Synopsis, Proposal Status

IGNOU Project Guidelines: IGNOU school of management studies has set up certain project guidelines for every management student that registers for MS-1 and MS-11 courses. IGNOU project guidelines can be divided into points for better understanding below are the points that can help you understand and take up an IGNOU MBA Project successfully.
  • Objective: The objective of the project is to give students an insight into the corporate and the real business world and an experience to face organizational challenges.
  • Project Type: The topic or the industry depends on the student’s area of interest however it is advisable to choose a stream wherein you are specializing.  

IGNOU Project Guidelines  for Synopsis :

Project synopsis has to prepare in coordination with your supervisor and sent to the IGNOU Delhi central centre with all the relevant details concerning the project. It should state the objective, project type, research results, research tools, research limitations and future measures. Along with project synopsis, the credential of supervisor along with a resume needs to be sent to the IGNOU central office.

If the credential is not accepted by the central office, students are requested to change the supervisor and resubmit the project synopsis. Hence it is advisable to choose a supervisor who is professional with good academic qualification and rich experience in the relevant area of the project.

How Do You Select A Topic For The IGNOU Project?
Working for the IGNOU Project trains you in applying the acquired knowledge in the real-life situation. Hence based on the real-life situations which you see around yourself related to your study you may choose the topic. Ideally, a learner should select his own topic. We, however, provide some guidelines through the project manuals.

IGNOU Project Guidelines Proposal submission:

Incomplete submission would not be entertained by the central office. If would be out rightly rejected. Synopsis without the signature of the supervisor on his resume would be rejected too. Hence students are advised to make sure it’s thoroughly complete with the signature of the supervisor on the resume. Students should also need to retain a copy of their proposal for future reference.

IGNOU Project Guidelines  Proposal status:

The status of the project would be intimidated through written communication to the students within eight weeks from the submission.

IGNOU Project Guidelines  Resubmission of Proposal
In case of a rejection, students have to resubmit their proposal following the similar guidelines. However, they need to pay extra attention and follow the comments and suggestion mentioned in the rejected proposal and incorporate in their new proposal.

The length of the proposal should not exceed 18000 words. However, about 10% variation is permissible. The project proposal should emphasis on the research methodologies that have been followed and suggestion for future development. The oral viva can be conducted if the evaluator wants to check your views however this is not mandatory in every case.

Can You Help Me In Selecting My IGNOU Project Guide?
In general, our academic counsellors can act as Project Guides in their respective disciplines. Our help would remain restricted among such persons. However, we have kept the issue of selection of guide open so that the learners can take benefit of that. We are explaining the situation with the help of an example:
Suppose, a teacher of management fulfils all conditions for becoming an IGNOU Project Guide. But, he may not have been involved in academic counselling because he does not have time for that. The openness about the provision of the selection of the guide provides an enabling mechanism to identify such a person as a Project Guide, who may not be our academic counsellor, however, his engagement as Project Guide has to be approved by the School concerned on the basis of his CV.

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