IGNOU Re-Registration Form Jan 2019

Online Re-Registration Form January 2019: IGNOU University is collecting application for Re-Registration form for the next session. Students have to fill their Re-Registration form by online. Re-Registration form Facility is available only for Students who have already enrolled for more than 1 year and above duration by taking Admission in IGNOU.

Requirements before filling Re-Registration Form:

  • Students Enrollment Number
  • Your Programme must be included in the available Programme
  •  Registered Email and Mobile Number

Payment Method:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Net Banking 
  • Payment via ATM Card

Online Re-Registration Form Start From 15th September 2018 

Last Date of Re-RegistrationWithout Late Fees 15th January 2019 ( Confirmed )

Registration with Late Fees of Rs.500/Rs.1000 No Provision Now

Apply Online for IGNOU Re-Registration for Jan 2019

Available Programme for Online Re-Registration Form: IGNOU Courses are available for online Re-Registration and it includes Bachelor Degree Programme, Diploma Courses, Master Degree Programme and Post Graduate Degree Programme. So if Students has already enrolled in any of the Programme so they can Re-Register for next semester or next Year from here. 

IGNOU Re-Registration Queries and Solution : 

I Have Not Filled The IGNOU Re-Registration Form, Now What To Do?

If you have not filled the re-registration form you will have to wait, till the time for IGNOU Registration forms are to be filled again (For Management and programmes with two-cycle admission, these are filled in Feb/March and Aug./Sept)

I Have Not Appeared For the First Year But Have Received The IGNOU Re-Registration Form. What Am I Supposed To Do?

In the ODL system, you have the facility of appearing at the Term-end Examination of a particular course according to your convenience, of course within the maximum permissible time limit. Hence the issue of appearing at the IGNOU Examination and doing reregistration has been delinked. You may even appear for the examination of courses which you have registered for the second and third years even before completing the same for the courses registered in the first year. So, you may do the needful about filling in the re-registration form.

My IGNOU Registration Period Has Become Time-Barred. I Wish To Take Re-Admission. How Much Time Shall I Get To Complete The IGNOU Programme After Getting Re-Admission?

It varies from programme to programme, as per the table is given below:

Certificate Programme             6 Months

Diploma Programme                1 Year

Bachelor Programme              2 Years

Masters Programme                2 Years

Where Do I Get The IGNOU Re-Registration Form? Is It Priced? Where To Submit The Reregistration Form?

It is made available on the IGNOU website. It is also available at the IGNOU Study Centre/ Regional Centre during the prescribed period of re-registration. Incidentally, the Regional Centre sends the RR-Form by post to the students of the current batch. It is not priced. It has to be submitted with the requisite fee through Demand Draft, Bank Challan at the RC only.

Is Re-Registration Essential For Every Programme?

No, it is to be done only for those programmes for which the minimum period is more than one year. Incidentally, IGNOU BEd is an exception. It is a two-year programme but IGNOU Registration has to be done only once.

I Was Supposed To Re-Register For The Second Year Of IGNOU BSCN(PB)Last Year, But I Could Not Do So For Some Compelling Reasons. Can I Re-Register For Both Second And Third Year Now?

No, you cannot IGNOU Registration for the second and third year together.

For Programmes Having Modular Structure (Like CTS, DTS, BTS) Is It Essential To Do Re-Registration?

For BTS only, since it is a three-year programme. However, it may be noted that CTS is a subset of DTS and DTS is a subset of BTS. So one who has done CTS, need not repeat the courses under CTS while doing DTS and similarly for one who has done DTS need not repeat the courses under IGNOU DTS while doing IGNOU BTS.

Due To Personal Problem, I Could Not Get IGNOU Re-Registered. Can I Start Again?

Within the maximum permissible duration you can get yourself re-registered by IGNOU Registration with the same enrolment number; otherwise, you have to seek re-admission.

When Am I Supposed To Do IGNOU Re-Registration?
The time-schedule for IGNOU Re-registration form for IGNOU Registration is given in the table below:

For July Session For January Session Late fee
1. 1st February to 31st March 1st August to 1st October Nil
2. 1st April to 30th April 1st October to 31st October 200
3. 1st May to 31st May 1st November to 30th November 500
4. 1st June to 20th June 1st December to 20th December 100

What Is The Difference Between IGNOU Re-Registration And IGNOU Re-Admission?
Some of the programmes of IGNOU are of three years’ duration like BA, BCom, BSc or BTS. Again for MBA one does not register for the entire programme in one go. Such a student is supposed to re-register. A student of BA will re-register for the second year while he is in the first year and for the third year while he is in the second year. Similarly, a student of management programme has to register semester wise and in a particular semester, he can register for a maximum of four courses. So every IGNOU Registration he undertakes after the initial IGNOU Admission is a IGNOU Re-Registration in his case.
Now, for every programme of IGNOU there is a minimum duration and a maximum permissible period. If a learner cannot complete the programme successfully within the maximum permissible period then his registration becomes time-barred. He can then exercise the provision of re-admission into IGNOU and he gets the facility of credit transfer for all the courses he had successfully completed earlier.
Please also see the answer to 2.76.

On Re-Registration Will My Enrollment Number Be Different :

On Re-Registration Will My Enrolment No. Be Different From Above MP Enrolment No. Or Will The Same Continue?

You were initially registered for MBA Programme (through Entrance test) in January 1997 session (Enrol.No.E1) and during the 13-year duration successfully completed three courses only (MS-1, 91 & 95). Prior to that you had taken admission under DIRECT ENTRY SCHEME (PGDOM-E2), without the requirement of clearance of Entrance Test, and PG Diploma in Operations Management had been awarded to you at the 8th Convocation of the University
held on 08.03.1997 (based on successful completion of MS-5, 8, 51, 54 & 94 in Dec.1995 TEE). Again you had taken admission under DIRECT ENTRY SCHEME (PGDMM-E3), but completed only one course, i.e. MS-6.
2) Now, a maximum duration of MBA Programme has been fixed at eight years. A letter in this regard has been sent to all the old students of MBA Programme
(3.81 lakh students, including you) in Feb.2018 advising them to complete all the requirements for the award of MBA degree latest by Dec.2018 Term-end examination. It was also published in all national dailies as well as vernacular newspapers. The Notification has been published once again in the newspapers recently. A scanned copy of the Notification and the letter dated 01.02.2018 could be downloaded from IGNOU website (STUDENTS ZONE).
3) However, the rules for registration remain unchanged, i.e., a course once registered must be successfully completed within two years (i.e., four semesters) failing which a student is required to remit the fee once again and the registration is validated for two years again (it will not be extended beyond Dec.2018 for MBA old students). The validity of the registration of the courses done for July 2018 session by the students of pre-July 2018 cycle, will be ONE semester only, as against the normal four semesters, due to the fixing of maximum duration in Management Programmes.
In a nutshell, you have left with one chance only (Dec.2018 TEE) to complete all the requirements for the award of IGNOU MBA Degree. Please note that under no circumstances the duration would be extended beyond Dec.2018. You can also appear in June 2018 TEE; provided registration of the course(s) is/are valid.
4) Re-registration for July 2018 session is open now. Please contact the Regional Centre and submit the RR Form with requisite fee, as per schedule. Re-registration Form can also be downloaded from IGNOU website (IGNOU Students Zone).
You can re-register for maximum four courses for July 2018 session and the validity would be over by Dec.2018. Since your records are at Regional Centre, Guwahati, you will have to submit the Re-registration Form at RC, Guwahati only. RC, Vijayawada, will not accept your Re-registration Form.
5) For any further assistance, please contact the Regional Centre immediately or else write to MBA Programme Coordinator or to Student Service Centre. To know the credit transfer policy, you may write to MBA Programme Coordinator or to Director, School of Management Studies.

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