IGNOU School of Journalism and Media Studies

Recently got a News that IGNOU is opening a School to Elaborate the Study of Journalism. According to ignou there is indeed a need to Aware and Train Students about Media. So IGNOU will set up “The School of Journalism and Media Studies”. In these School, Learners are trained to spread media and to aware them about, how journalism changing in a globalised context.

Main Aim of IGNOU School of Journalism and Media Studies set up is to make Student Aware of on going Activities happening around World and its effect on our day to day life. Specific focus is on books, radio, film, television, photography and print, digital and electronic media. The programmes of the school generally club into three focus areas of study: aesthetics and form; individual perception; and the history of media.

The emphasis of IGNOU new school is primarily on mass-circulation prints, journals and newspapers, recorded media, communications and broadcast media and electronic modes. Media and cultural studies is at the forefront of exiting new developments in the field of journalism studies.

There will be no worries for Recruitment because now a days Media has spread all around the world and need trainers to strengthen its growth. Probably, this is the reason why more and more youngsters are inclined to do this course. Journalism definitely has a long way to go and the School of Journalism and New Media Studies started by Indira Gandhi National Open University is only its first initiative.
Hopefully Ignou will come out with many more courses in future. IGNOU is launching so many latest IGNOU courses for students to take in as per their personal interest.This is just the beginning for Indira Gandhi National Open University and it has definitely a long way to go ahead.

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