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IGNOU Indira Gandhi National Open University established in late 1987. The University includes about 67 regional centres, 67 abroad centres and 3, 000 learner support centres. It is one among the leading and familiar university in India provides high excellence learning via ODL (Open and Distance Learning) mode.  In addition to, this university provides innovative, high quality based programs at diverse levels to those individuals who elect to engage in the higher studies. Initially, the IGNOU specially designed the offering complete programs to all the eligible candidates to encounter all their needs with the help of quality learning.

IGNOU Study Material – Download & Save

IGNOU Study Material Dispatch Status: 
The IGNOU systems are cost effective as well as provided via ODL in the Indian country. Already, many eligible candidates engage in the high-quality learning system in the obtainable list of programs. The candidate who studies in the IGNOU can get the better lifestyle and don’t bother about a future life.
The knowledge and quality of learning will give support to achieve their expectations and prove the efficient aspects. Get ready to check out the complete information to start study well. Are you seeking for the IGNOU study material? Get in touch and see the upcoming information clarify all your doubts.
MBA Study Material. CPVE Study Material.
MCA Study Material. DNHE in Hindi Study Material.
MARD Study Material. CPF Study Material.
M.COM Study Material. DMT Study Material.
MEC Study Material. CES Study Material.
MSW Study Material/Books. DNS Study Material.
MTM Study Material/Books. BPP Study Material.
MAGD Study Material/Books. PGDIBO Study Material.
MEG Study Material/ Books. CDM Study Material.
MTM Study Material. PGDAE Study Material.
MAEDU Study Material. CBS Study Material.
MAGD Study Material. PGDEDS Study Material.
MPS Study Material. CRD Study Material.
MSO Study Material. CIG Study Material.
MPA Study Material. PGDAPP Study Material.
MPS in Hindi Study Material. CPF in Hindi Study Material.
MSO in Hindi Study Material. CIG in Hindi Study Material.
MAEDS Study Material. BSc Study Material.
MAH Study Material. Bcom Study Material.
MADE Study Material. BTS Study Material.
BSW Study Material. Bed Study Material.
BCA Study Material. BTS in Hindi Study Material.

Where to take IGNOU Study Material:

Many candidates have a lot of confusion and queries in studying IGNOU and not easier one to take pass marks in all the examinations without study material. However, the study material plays the essential role in delivering all sort of questions with solutions. Mainly, the study material is now easier to take via online platform without a trouble anymore.

You don’t need to hesitate to take the study material from the online because of the experience staffs. Only, the experienced candidates know the effective way of online platform make their search right and quick. You don’t need to wait for anymore and don’t need to waste the valuable time just enter the online.

Whatever, you have online browsing experience or not you have to make sure the official portal to take the IGNOU study material. The official portal is must to take valid and appropriate study material for all courses without spending money.

You can get the study material as a pdf and make everything quick to start reading for successful pass marks. The online is the ideal place for all new and experienced candidates to take the IGNOU programs study material.

Steps to Download IGNOU Study Material From Online:

The candidates who are searching for the IGNOU study material can take a look at the online official portal. Here, the below mentioned guides effective to download the study material easily.

  • The first thing, you have to visit the online official portal http://www.egyankosh.ac.in/resigter.
  • The webpage will display box contains choice types like General, IGNOU faculty and student.
  • You have to choose the right option as appropriate one and press Go button.
  • And then, the page will redirect and fetch to the next page as a registration form.
  • While you enter into the registration form, you have to fill the page with correct information and make sure all the given details valid one.
  • You have to give the email address and check out once before click register button.
  • Now, you can get the display of successfully registered confirmation message to an email account.
  • You have to open it and access given the link.
  • It will request to provide the password.
  • You have to create the password and log in.
  • Now you are successfully registered.
  • If you prefer to download IGNOU study material just follow the instructions below mentioned.
  • The main page of E Gyankosh includes search repository window on the left side top corner.
  • You have to enter course code or relevant code or course name and click the enter button.
  • You can see the list of code name and course name displayed under the community.
  • You have to choose the right course.
  • Now, you can see a respective link to the list of items.
  • You have to click view or open to download or read the study material.
  • Make use of the study material well to score well in the examination.

Other IGNOU Reference Books For IGNOU Exam:-

The reference books for IGNOU are also obtainable to make your exam preparation well and make sure the right study books. You can easily purchase the reference books via online at reasonable price.

The online is the best way to take all IGNOU courses reference books. Now, you can start the exam preparation with the help of accessible reference books. Whatever, the exam goes to start don’t fear about that can make use of the opportunity to take the appropriate reference books. Now, you can get the latest edition of IGNOU reference books like B.Com, BCA, BA for Bachelor, M.Com, MA, etc for Master Degree Course.

You can simply order the reference via any of the online stores and make sure the medium, publishers name and subject code before you place an order. You can face the competitive exams such as civil service and some others with the high-quality books. You can also understand all the concepts and know the right way to answer all difficult questions.

The candidate who engages in the IGNOU University can make the career bright with scoring excellent marks in all the exams. The study material is almost helpful and useful to learn well the complete information related to your subject. Many candidates get rid of challenging exams by the use of proper study materials and reference books. 

You can plan the exam preparation in the right way with the high-quality study materials. You can easily get pass marks and score excellent marks and go further level in your career. You have to use the wasting time as valuable by reading study material with full interest. Put your full effort in the studies and you will encounter the possibility of first-class marks in the IGNOU examination.


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RK Narsingoju is a Former student of IGNOU Univesity. He started IGNOU4U.in the blog since his days to provide the best accurate information about IGNOU Univesity. The blog gets tremendous support from fellow students. The journey continues since.

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