IGNOU Videos on Youtube-Video Class at IGNOU

IGNOU Videos on Youtube-Video Class at IGNOU  : As a students of IGNOU we are not so much satisfied by IGNOU study material and IGNOU style of responding to the students . According to me IGNOU is excellent for those who really want to do it or desperate regarding achieving degree. IGNOU may not provide high quality materials needed by students but it is enough beneficent to the students. As their are many students who has won Gold medal with the same study material provided by IGNOU.

IGNOU Videos on Youtube-Video Class at IGNOU Detail Below:

Here are  IGNOU Videos uploaded by IGNOU4U Website to help Students more in their studies regarding IGNOU Subjects. IGNOU  through its Electronic Media Production Centre has been producing thousands of Audio & Video CDs on various subjects for IGNOU learners. IGNOU Regional Centre (RC) library has over 100 such CDs on curriculum based lectures and discussion. To facilitate the students,  the Regional Centre is starting special video classes on 11TH November between 10 am to 1 pm. First such special class on Sociology (ESO-01 Simple Societies, Social Change in India and ESO-02 Hari Bhari Sampada ) subject will be organized at IGNOU Regional Centre.

Each topic specific video class will be of 30 minutes duration. It is planned to play 4 to 6 CDs. The RC is also informing its learners about the video class through SMS communication. The video classes are organized in addition to face-to-face academic counseling sessions on IGNOU study centre. This additional facility is to promote the passing percentage of IGNOU students. Among the five sense organs of our body, the contribution of eyes and ears play important role in human learning. The video classes will definitely enrich the IGNOU learners academically and yield good scores in exams. Besides IGNOU learners, the regular college students of JNRM/ANCOL other Universities are also invited to attend video classes. The class will be in English/Hindi languages.

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