Is IGNOU PGDCC Recognised By Medical Council Of India

Is IGNOU PGDCC Recognised By Medical Council Of India :

I Have Done Post Graduate Diploma In Clinical Cardiology (Pgdcc) From Ignou. I Want To Know Whether This Programme Is Recognised By Medical Council Of India?

As a preamble to the answers to this question one must know that according to MCI, the definition of a student is one who attends face-to-face classes. For each of the above cases the student is a distance learner. So he is not a student as per the MCI definition. IGNOU PGDCC is an exception.

For that programme, though the students are provided with self-instructional study materials as in every other programme of IGNOU, by and large most of the teaching-learning transactions take places in the face-to-face mode. However, another requirement of MCI is that the duration of a IGNOU PG Diploma Programme should be two years whereas for each of the PG Diploma programmes stated above, the duration is one year.

Thus IGNOU has not made any issue regarding the recognition of these programmes from MCI. However, in no way does it affect the importance of these programmes. Each of these programmes provides enrichment to a learner (who is an MBBS doctor in the area specified) and it raises his employability quotient.

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