What is the scope of M.A in Adult Education from IGNOU

What is the scope of M.A in Adult Education from IGNOU

A master’s degree in adult education interests students from varied branches of education, be it human resource, community development, vocational education, etc. Those who prefer getting exposure to cultural differences, institutional approaches, different styles of communication, should prefer the course.

Important of  Scope of M.A in Adult Education from IGNOU :

The M.A in Adult Education course structure covers transformation in work and culture. Further, it exposes a student towards the role of adult learning in comprehending and responding to international forces. IGNOU M.A in Adult Education even covers the impact of former on communities and environment at work and economy. The IGNOU M.A program motivates students in understanding different regions of the world.
IGNOU distance Learning promises a stimulating experience to students pursuing IGNOU Master of Arts in Adult Education (IGNOU MAAE). With the course, IGNOU M.A students become self-motivated learners interested in critical perspectives of adult learning and related global changes. IGNOU M.A in Adult Education  combines instructional approaches and practical application of students, this moulding students who can learn from their experience, participate in discussions and eventually work together on projects with other M.A students.

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    I have done b.com from sol du .Now if i apply for MAAE so is this valueable or after doing this course can i eligible for applying govt. Teacher form

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