Queries Regarding Allocation Of IGNOU Study Centre

Queries Regarding Allocation Of IGNOU Study Centre : Here is all students questions solution of Queries Regarding Allocation Of IGNOU Study Centre 
Who Makes The Allocation Of The IGNOU Study Centre?
The allocation is done at the IGNOU Regional Centre which has been chosen by IGNOU Itself in all the small town area in the big cities all over India. IGNOU has wider itslf not only in india but also all across world it has 3380 study centres exist in the our country. There are around 646 regular study centres, 1737 program study centres, 865 special study centres for disadvantaged groups, 3 sub study centres, 20 recognized study centres. Here is the list of IGNOU Study centre state and city wise so it will easier for you to select a study centre near by our location.

Who Decides Regarding The Activation Of Programmes At A New IGNOU Study Centre?
It is a collective decision of the host institution, the IGNOU Regional Centre and the School of Studies concerned. However, IGNOU depends on the host institution for getting to know about the demand, that is the educational need of the place and then of course an analysis is made on the basis of the overall statistics of the region as well as that of the country.
What Are The Working Hours Of A IGNOU Study Centre?

The office of a IGNOU study centre is supposed to remain open at least for 20hrs per week. Counselling sessions are held at a IGNOU Study centre at hours which do not clash with the usual schedule of the host institution concerned.
While Evaluating IGNOU Projects I Could Make Out That The Learner Has Picked Up A Project From The Market And Copied From There. What Am I Supposed To Do?
In either case, ask the learner to re-submit the IGNOU Project for The Learner Has Picked Up A Project From The Market And Copied From There.
No Study Centre Exists Within 100km Of My Residence. But I Have Tremendous Urge To Learn. What Should I Do?

If you intend to pursue a practical-based programme the location of the IGNOU Study Centre matters as attendance at the practical sessions is compulsory. If you are to pursue a theoretical-based programme, we suggest that you take IGNOU Admission by selecting the Study Centre which is nearest to your place of stay/work and try to attend as many theoretical counselling sessions as is practicable.
What Does IGNOU Pay The Host Institution Of A Special Study Centre ?

IGNOU follows a fee-sharing scheme which provides for different payment norms for the different IGNOU Programmes like Certificate, Diploma, PG Diploma, Undergraduate and Post Graduate. IGNOU pays a monthly honorarium to the Co-ordinator. It also pays all charges pertaining to handling and evaluation of assignments. The host institution is supposed to make all expenditure pertaining to the services provided at such IGNOU Study Centres from the fee-share amount.

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