Scope of Certificate in Community Radio from IGNOU

What is the Scope of Certificate in Community Radio from IGNOU 2018

The “IGNOU Certificate in Community Radio” from IGNOU is designed to keep in mind students who are keen to make their career in the radio and broadcasting industry.
The radio industry  is growing by leap and bounds every year and is a great stream for making a career as it cannot be affected by any economic crises or recession. AIR is not the only radio and broadcasting option today there are a number of private radio FM’s that are responsible in providing employment to thousands of individuals around the country.
There is a constant need for well trained and professionally qualified individuals who understand the intricacies of broadcasting. Salary is not a constraint for the right candidate in this industry.
The “Certificate in Community Radio” program from IGNOU is a job oriented program, aiming to secure job to students after completion of the program. Students should posses a minimum of a 12th grade education to enroll in the program. The program can be completed with a minimum period of six months to a maximum period of 2 years. 

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  1. actually i want the course , and i want become a rj or any job in radio station, but only i can apply in Jabalpur, so i applying this course, please tell me a prosess for making my future in radio

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