Top 10 Tips for Presenting IGNOU Assignments

Top 10 Tips for Presenting IGNOU Assignments:
IGNOU4U Team has provided many IGNOU Solved Assignments and its time to mold students at the presentation /writting of IGNOU Assignments, well-presented assignments demonstrate that the student has put care and thought into their work. When markers are giving an overall mark to a piece of work, presentation is one factor (among others such as content, style, structure and referencing) that influences the mark given.

  • Top Ten Tips to Present IGNOU Assignments

1.Keep to the word limit. If you exceed it, you will almost certainly be penalized and some markers may refuse to mark the ‘excess’ part. Most word limits allow you a 10% leeway either side (this is what ‘± 10%’ means), so a 3,500 word assignment needs to be between 3,150 (3,500 – 350) and 3,850 (3,500 + 350) words.

2.Use an Outline : It helps you to stay on track and not leave anything out. Give yourself time to do several drafts, so don’t procrastinate! Re-read your multiple times. You can almost always find a way to improve the paper. Have at least 1 or 2 people read your paper before you are done

3.No Color Decoration :Do not decorate your scripts with fancy pictures and co loured lettering. You are doing a University course, not a secondary school project. Academic assignments are, by and large, pretty dull endeavors.

4.Express your argument and position clearly : let the reader know where you stand – Indicate main issues and the supporting reasons why you hold this position …Use tools like subheadings to help organize your arguments.Close on your strongest argument, using your most powerful illustration, or a quote that summarizes your thesis — it’s your last chance to make a positive impression, include evidence of original thought, critical thinking and application of knowledge

6. Keep a Copy of Assignment: Above all, always keep a copy of your assignment. You assignment may not be returned to you, or it might get ‘lost in the system’ (though this happens only rarely, it does happen) and it seems such a shame to do all that work and have nothing to show for it!

7. Ensure a clear and logical argument : Systematically identify the main issues and the reasons that support your position Provide evidence to support your argument – noting the strength and reliability of the evidence Include a discussion of authors or data that do not support your view and discuss why you still hold your position. Discuss impacts, consequences, implications and, where appropriate, submit recommendations.

8. The conclusion : Restate your position or thesis statement, summarise the reasons supporting your position,and provide a summary of the implications and any recommendations (all these must have been dealt with in the body of the assignment)Do not introduce new material or ideas into the conclusion.

9. Major Editing and Revising : Do not forget to edit your writing and revising it at the last. it will be helpful to take an idea what you really wants to present and what is useless to present.

10.Assignments to be presented in: Assignments are best presented in lightweight or in a plastic folders which can ‘sandwich’ your assignment between its leaves and will also not Irritate the holder of Assignments.

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