Top Ten Best Tips for IGNOU Entrance Test.

Top Ten Best Tips for IGNOU Entrace Test : The Entrance Test for Admission to on- campus M.Sc (Chemistry, Actuarial Science), M.A (Journalism and Mass Communication, Electronic Media: Production and Management, Gandhi and Peace Studies), MSW (Master in Social Work with Specialization in Philanthropic Social Work) and MBA (Social Entrepreneurship) will be held.
Top Ten Best Tips for IGNOU Entrace Test.Top Ten Best Tips for IGNOU Entrace Test. If you are planning to sit for IGNOU Entrace Test then you should start preparing well in advance. It is difficult to provide you a fixed formula that would help you crack the Entrace Test.However, proper planning coupled with hard work is sure to help you score remarkably well in the test. There are several aspects which should be kept in mind while writing your Entrance Test.
  • Here are Top Ten Best Tips for IGNOU Entrace Test.

1. Appearance is very vital factor that immediately creates an impression about the student. Therefore dress smartly without going over the top and always appear neat and clean. A good appearance speaks volumes about the personality of a person and helps to create the right impression.

2. Be relaxed & confident,Having high confidence gives you inner strength and helps you in getting your dreams come true.Moreover, high confidence leads to happier and healthy life-style.

3. The most important thing that student must keep in mind before facing entrance test is to keep a positive attitude. Getting nervous or trying to give rehearsed answers are things that an Examiner will notice immediately. Therefore being spontaneous and friendly helps to make the entrance test process work in favor of the student

4. It is always difficult to judge the preparation standard of a candidate in terms of study hours. One can also come across students who have done quite well in the entrance test but used to study only for two to three hours daily. Proper decision making skills, positive attitude and patience can help you come out with flying colors.

5. Before you do any revision, warm up by doing some gentle exercise to relieve any tension in your body and to take a rush of healthy oxygen flowing to your brain.

6. It is essential for the students to prepare at least 10,000 vocabularies to be on the safe side. Students are always advised to read at least two papers and editorials on a daily basis to improve their standard of English.

7. One should be strong at calculations and practice shortcuts for mathematics on a daily basis.It is quite beneficial for the students to solve available question papers and analyze the standard of their preparations. Try to solve your calculations mentally this helps a lot during the time of examination and also builds your confidence. Adequate practice is considered to be the key to success in anyEntrace Test.

8. Dont get this words in your mind “I’m Stuck”. Those tricky problems can knock you off balance. Don’t get worried or frustrated. Reread the question to make sure you understand it, and then try to solve it the best way you know how. If you’re still stuck, circle it and move on. You can come back to it later. What if you have no idea about the answer? Review your options and make the best guess you can, but only if you don’t lose points for wrong answers.

9. In an exam, make sure you read the question completely and fully understand what the examiner wants before you allocate your time and begin answering the questions.
If you are faced with a mental block breathe deeply, relax and ask yourself “If I did know the answer to this question, what would it be?”

10. In the case of multiple choice questions, think of your own answer first before looking at the answers listed on the page.(optional answer)

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