Is It Possible To Study Two IGNOU Courses At The Same Time?

Question: Can I Take Admission At IGNOU In Spite Of Myself Being Registered With Any Other University? (Two Degrees Simultaneously from IGNOU)
Answer: Ya Sure You can do two Degrees Simultaneously from IGNOU and take IGNOU Admission while being a student of any other IGNOU University. As IGNOU has no rigid rule like you cannot take admission to another university while you are a student of IGNOU.
It also allowed you to do dual degree courses from IGNOU Itself like while doing from IGNOU you can join IGNOU MBA Degree Vice versa but you must clear your 5 semesters out of six semester means in the last and final year of your any bachelor degree courses to join any master degree course from IGNOU.
IGNOU has made some rules regarding this is  One Degree/Diploma Plus Certificate Program, Only the combination of One degree or a diploma (programme of one year or longer duration) coupled with a 6 months Certificate course is allowed. Students who are already enrolled in a programme of one year or longer duration can also simultaneously register themselves for any Certificate programme of 6 months duration. However, if there is any clash of dates of counselling or examination schedule between the two programmes taken, IGNOU will not be in a position to make the adjustment and is not liable for it.

IGNOU has made some rules regarding this is  One Degree/Diploma Plus Certificate Program Two Degree /Diploma At The Same Time – Not Allowed

Two degrees or diplomas cannot be pursued simultaneously. Simultaneously pursuing two academic Programmes either from the same University or one from the Open University (under ODL mode) and the other from Conventional University (regular or face-to-face mode) is not permitted, as of now, except Certificate Programmes of six-month duration

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