What are the Scope of Certificate in human rights

What are the Scope of Certificate in human rights 
The course is an innovative learning package from IGNOU that is designed to educate professionals and employers as they are the ones who interact with masses in their daily lives. Today the program is quite in demand as the human rights are now talked about around the whole world and people are now aware of their rights.

The program has been structured to help understand the nature of work force of people in various fields like police, military, air force, paramilitary forces etc. with the increase in violence all around the world, there is a need for sensitivity towards victims and also the workforce and towards women. That is why more and more people are being employed as CHR in various organizations and business houses to keep a check on the increasing violence.

Jobs are available at various business houses, NGO’s government organizations and charitable societies. The salary earned by a IGNOU CHR is around Rs. 8,000 to Rs, 10,000 per month by IGNOU Job.

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