What are the subjects in IGNOU DELED

What are the subjects in IGNOU DELED

The Section contains What are the subjects in IGNOU DELED Programme with IGNOU Syllabus designed by IGNOU University. 
This section is very important because without syllabus structure it is very difficult to study particular courses so without subjects many questions is to be created like how to subject, what subject in the whole course or programme so look here and get all information about what are subjects in this programme for the study with IGNOU.What are the subjects in IGNOU DELEDDElEd Latest Syllabus Structure:
First Year – Theory Courses  
BES-001 Understanding the Elementary School Child
BES-002 Teaching-Learning and Assessment
BES-004 Contemporary Indian Society and Education
BES-008 Language and Early Literacy
BES-009 Teaching of Mathematics for the Primary School Child
BES-010 Teaching of Environmental Studies (EVS)
Practical Courses  
BESL-005 School-Based Activities I
BESL-006 Workshop Based Activities I
BESL-007 Practice of Teaching I
Second Year – Theory Courses  
BES-016 Life Enrichment and Self-Development
BES-017 School Education, Leadership and Change
9-12. Optional Pedagogic Courses (Elementary level)  
(Any two): (4 credits each)  
BES-018 Teaching of Social Science
BES-019 Teaching of Science
BES-012 Teaching of Mathematics
BES-020 Teaching of English
Practical Courses  
BESL-005 School-Based Activities II
BESL-006 Workshop Based Activities II
BESL-007 Practice of Teaching II
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Ankita Roy

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